Justin Bieber’s “Freedom” is a somewhat welcome surprise


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Justin Bieber posted this on his Instagram to announce his new album, captioning it “freedom on all platforms.”

Caroline Forster, Staff Writer

Justin Bieber cracked an egg on his fans when he dropped Freedom, an extended play record album, on streaming services on April 6. 

This album is gospel-inspired and includes six songs: “Freedom” (with BEAM), “All She Wrote” (feat. Brandon Love, Chandler Moore), “We’re In This Together,” “Where You Go I Follow” (feat. Pink Sweat$, Chandler Moore, and Judah Smith), “Where Do I Fit In” (feat. Tori Kelly, Chandler Moore, Judah Smith), and “Afraid To Stay” (feat. Lauren Walters). 

Bieber first let his fans know about this album via a post on his Instagram, captioning it “freedom on all platforms.” Some Bieber fans are feeling blessed to hear this music. Bieber collaborated with Tori Kelly, Brandon Love, Pink Sweats and more.

Overall, I like how Bieber collaborated with Christian artists and used that to his advantage, but I do not like how he made some of the songs boring and flat. Don’t get me wrong––I do like how some of these new voices work with Bieber, like “Where Do I Fit In” and “All She Wrote,” but sometimes it just doesn’t work. For example, “Where you go I follow” and “ Afraid To Say” were songs that I enjoyed, but I didn’t like how the collaborations with Bieber sounded. 

Since there are only 6 songs on the album, I’ll take them one by one. “Freedom” is the first song on the album. I find it very repetitive, and I don’t like how BEAM’s voice flows with the song. I think it sets the song in a different direction by throwing in that different tone. I enjoy Bieber’s part, but I don’t think BEAM’s voice was a good fit for this song. 

“All She Wrote” was a song I was surprised to hear on this album. This song maintains a similar tone to both rap and pop. I think this song really gets out the message of how Bieber came to the end of his mental capacity in his life, and how he needs Jesus. I like how this sounds like a vibey song. I can see how this song sounds similar to a rap song, but also the lyrics tell listeners that it is a gospel song. 

I was very interested in listening to “We’re In This Together” but I found this song throwing me off. I think Bieber is trying to tell listeners a story, but I do not like how it’s not upbeat, and not much song but a story about how Bieber grew up and where his life is now because he is famous, and how God is with him through his life.  I find it very repetitive at times, when Bieber repeats the line, “One thing I know is that we’re in this together.” However, I enjoy how there is a prayer to the listeners in this song. 

I enjoyed listening to” Where You Go I Follow.” I find it very catchy and engaging. I can imagine myself turning this song on and putting the windows down. However, I do not love the end of the song because the music completely ends and Bieber starts lecturing to us about how God is the ruler and how he died for us and how he rose again. 

“Where Do I Fit In?” is my favorite song on the Freedom album. I find this a very soothing song.  I can see people getting emotional and connecting to this song. I love Tori Kelly’s voice in this song. I find her voice very soothing and comforting. I really like everyone who collaborated on this song; I think all of their voices are great for this song, because they are all peaceful. 

“Afraid To Say” is a calm song that I also enjoy. I like how this song is very soothing. I can see someone putting this on for background music or a song that you can work too. But as with other songs on the album the collaboration doesn’t work. I do not like Lauren Walter’s part because I find it does not fit into the song, and I think it moves the song in a different style than it’s supposed to be, because it’s more talking than singing. 

Overall, I was surprised that Bieber would come out with an album that represents his religion. I am happy that he is embracing what he believes in and is unafraid to let his fans know what his religion is. And while I enjoyed some of the songs, I tend to prefer his other albums.