“Schitt’s Creek” ends exactly how a show should end


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The Rose family gathers around Moira’s phone in their final days in the Rosebud Motel. (Pop TV)

Sophia Jones, Staff Writer

In its final season, Schitt’s Creek sends its characters on new journeys with newfound maturity and love. Because the show doesn’t follow those journeys, the show stays fresh and record-breaking, calling fans back time and time again. 

It’s hard to find a good show. Comedies tend to overstep their intended mark with constant witty remarks and jokes that feel unrealistic. Dramas tug at your heart strings, but don’t they eventually become too much to bear? After 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, one might be a little tired of seeing yet another tragedy befall Meredith Grey. Schitt’s Creek is a good show—a gem amongst thousands of Netflix titles. By finding humor in the mundane of small town life and in the absurdity of the wealthy, Schitt’s Creek continually grabs your attention. The Rose family and the townspeople that surround them are ridiculous, but they never feel inauthentic. 

On top of that, they’re capable of growth. Each season they become a little more responsible, a little more mature, and a little closer as a family. With this combination of humor and sincerity executed so perfectly, it’s no surprise that creators Dan and Eugene Levy have amassed a cult following of Schitt’s Creek. It’s no less of a surprise that many were disappointed to hear that the show’s sixth season would be its last.

The season itself was anything but a disappointment. Each character is wrapped up perfectly as they reach the peak of their growth.

— Sophia Jones

The season itself was anything but a disappointment. Each character is wrapped up perfectly as they reach the peak of their growth. Johnny Rose—who once viewed himself as a failed patriarch—is beginning his motel empire. Moira has achieved film success and her career is revived. Alexis is finally making her own way. And David has found a home and genuine love. However, the season is not without more tender moments. Alexis’ relationship ends, not in the absence of love but because, sometimes, there’s no other choice. David has to face the realization that the life he was striving to return to is gone and the friends he was waiting for aren’t waiting for him. But by the final episode, these turmoils are resolved and it is, truly, a happy ending.

For one community, it was an incredibly significant finale. The relationship between Patrick and David shown in the last two seasons is a rarity for LGBTQ+ media; most representation consists of queer-baiting or toxic relationships. In this case, Patrick and David are healthy, successful, and—frankly—adorable. Because of that, Schitt’s Creek has become a favorite for many in the LGBTQ+ community. 

Overall, the last season brought the show even more popularity as well as critics’ praise. Schitt’s Creek swept the 2020 Emmys, breaking the record for most awards won by a comedy in one year. Recently, they added SAG awards and Golden Globes to their pile. Schitt’s Creek went out on a bang, leaving behind a show that is sentimental, hilarious, and extremely easy to rewatch.