Wrestling team enjoys successful if unusual season


Photo Courtesy of Ruby Verrett

BSM Wrestling Team at Cretin-Derham Hall

The wrestling season just came to an end after a thrilling state tournament that five BSM students qualified for (Chris Redden ‘24, Jon Gettel ‘23, Bryce Commerford ‘23, Drew Nylander ‘21, and Daniel McCoy ‘21.) The team was led by 4 seniors, Drew Nylander, Daniel McCoy, Edward Shea, and Frank Lizzie. The regular season started on February 22nd and ended on March 13.

Covid changed the length and the format of the wrestling season. “With COVID, the team had to stay close and act smarter on and outside of the mat,” Nylander said.

The wrestling team had to overcome a lot this year with a shortened schedule, limited practice time, and a few players unable to participate due to COVID. Nobody on the team got COVID during the regular season thankfully. “COVID just shortened the season and caused some matches to be canceled but overall the team did very well with staying healthy. We never had to quarantine or take an exposure break,” Nylander said.

The practice structure also changed. Practice started at 3:15 and was confined to groups of 4. The groups were based on weight class. Players wrestled, conditioned, and lifted with that group throughout the season. “We had to make sure we used our time wisely in practice with drilling and conditioning,” McCoy said.

Even with the different season, the wrestlers had a lot of fun. “It was a short season but full of memories that we’ll never forget. My favorite memories from the season were, Edward’s iconic one-liners #2PoundsEasy #CoffeeRhinos and Deep conversations with Delo,” Nylander said.

The team bonded well and supported each other throughout the season. “My favorite memories from the team are just hanging out with them and goofing off,” McCoy said.

Wrestling also taught the student-athletes many valuable lessons. “My biggest takeaway from wrestling is that hard work pays off. Practicing every day and giving it your best produces the best results,” McCoy said.

For many of these athletes, wrestling provides not just physical lessons, but psychological ones as well. “The mental tenacity and strength that it builds within you, just knowing that when you think you can’t go further you can actually do so much more,” Nylander said.

Senior Frank Lizzie may be wrestling D3 at the University of Saint John’s next year. The rest of the seniors are not planning on wrestling in college next year but some may try to continue participating in the sport in other ways. “After high school, I currently don’t plan on wrestling but if a club presents itself, I would take the shoes off the shelf,” McCoy said.

Or, perhaps wrestling might lead to other sports experiences. “I’m not going to competitively but I definitely plan on joining a mixed martial arts gym to continue my love for this sport,” Nylander said.