Winter sports and activities seasons are full of both uncertainty and hope


Lauren Hawkinson

BSM has a long history of teams making it to the state tournament, and even coming back as champions.

After what seemed like a season of uncertainty for fall sports, the same feeling lingers as winter sports await the news on state tournaments.

Winter sports were previously shut down due to COVID-19, but have been up and running since the start of January. Due to the break, the MSHSL was back to square one in figuring out what postseason tournaments would look like. As of now, most section and state tournaments are tentative with some sports having changed the usual location of their tournament and the limit of spectators has been set to 150 people per event. However, Debate and One Act Plays have determined that their state tournament will be held virtually in the upcoming months.

No matter what activity, hobby, or sport you are involved in, it is needless to say that they have been centered around the fear of the unknown. Every day, teams gather for practice not knowing what will be ahead of them. Will their next meet, game, or competition be cancelled? Will they be able to practice with each other the following week? Nothing is for certain. However, everyone goes in with one of two mindsets: on one hand, players and participants might cherish every practice, game, or event more, but on the other, it can be difficult to focus when you are unaware of the end goal.

Before my winter dance team season began, I was very much unaware of all the turns this season would take. However, I have been able to develop more of a “living in the moment” mindset. I am very fortunate my team has been able to practice and compete together despite what this year has thrown our way.

Looking back on how the combined efforts to create an alternative state tournament for fall sports resulted in no teams getting to play is very disappointing. Their plan was very feasible, but the MSHSL still chose not to follow through with it. As of now, winter sports and academic teams are following all safety recommendations from the state of Minnesota. Everyone is making big sacrifices in order to continue with their season. I appreciate that the state has made a more concentrated effort for winter sports to create some sort of competition. As much as everyone would appreciate the traditional state settings, at this point, any chance to compete is better than nothing.

My heart goes out to those who were unable to compete in last season’s state tournaments, but I am hopeful for other teams to have the opportunity.