BSM works to make senior year special for the class of ’21


Knight Errant photo

Despite Covid, BSM hopes to honor seniors with an outside ceremony.

The pandemic has split the class of 2021 into two cohorts, so it has been difficult for them to spend time together. But in the coming months, BSM’s administration and student council are working to implement activities that will give seniors a chance to create memories as a full group.

On March 1, the senior class gathered at Oak Hill park for a two hour winter activity, organized by BSM’s administration. The park offers many fun activities and gave seniors a chance to enjoy the winter weather. “There [was] sledding, two different rinks for them to skate, and… hot chocolate,” Assistant Principal Cami Dahlstrom said.

In the spring, BSM’s administration will continue to implement new activities for the class of 2021. Traditionally, BSM seniors gather together before graduation to practice the ceremony. This year, BSM’s administration is hopeful that they can extend the practice into a fun event. “We are looking at extending [the practice] into more of an event. Just to have seniors on campus for one last time, they can sign yearbooks and just have a fun time,” Dahlstrom said.

As well as these new additions, BSM’s student council is adapting traditional activities to fit with Covid guidelines. One such activity is prom; the class of 2021’s junior prom was canceled last year, so BSM is taking important steps to ensure that it will not be canceled again. This year, prom will be held outside. “ For prom, we have selected the St. Louis Park Rec Center outdoor rink to host the dance. We plan to have food trucks and possibly a “grand March” (walking down a stage with your date),” Student Council Executive Treasurer Lauren Hawkinson said in an email interview.

Another activity seniors typically look forward to is decision day. In early May, students submit their final decisions to their future college, and they come to school wearing apparel from their school. Typically, seniors listen to speakers, have lunch, and take photos with peers who are attending the same school. This year, the student council is working to emulate a normal decision day experience, while still adhering to public safety guidelines. “Decision day has a set date; we are just in the works of figuring out who will speak, other activities, and how we will take pictures as a group/with the people we are going to college with,” Hawkinson said.

Later in the year, the administration will release details for graduation and baccalaureate mass. In prior years, graduations have been held outdoors; this year will be no different. Like the student council, BSM’s administration is working to move as many senior events outdoors as possible. “We just want to make sure that if things ramp up, we don’t have to shut it down and cancel anymore events. The more things we get outside, the more that will actually be able to happen,” Dahlstrom said.

Although COVID restrictions have kept seniors separated into cohorts thus far, BSM’s administration has announced that students will be able to return to campus for fourth quarter. This would give them one last chance to create memories as a full group before graduation in the spring. The warmer weather and decline in positivity rates are responsible for this change; in the spring, BSM will be able to move students outdoors for lunch, which will increase their bandwidth. “[Being together on campus will] be really exciting for them; they would be able to spend their last 8-9 weeks together,” Dahlstrom said.

Regardless of whether or not the seniors are able to return to campus, BSM hopes that the coming spring quarter will give seniors a chance to strengthen their bond as a class and create memories together. “Our main hope is to create some memorable events for the seniors to be together as a class since they haven’t had the opportunity to do so in a year” Dahlstrom said.