Student Council hopes to bring back Dogfest

BSM hopes to create a successful Dog-Fest like in years past.

BSM Knight Errant

BSM hopes to create a successful Dog-Fest like in years past.

Come one, come all! Dog-Fest will be happening this spring. Sophomores, here is your chance to bring your furry friends to school for the day as a part of your grade-wide community day!

In response to limited school events and activities, BSM has developed “grade-wide” community days to give students the opportunity to interact with the students from the other cohort. Due to the cold weather, many activities have been set to start up again in the spring to allow for more students to attend and to ensure for warmer weather.

Some of you may be asking yourself “what is dog-fest?” This fun and pet loving event allows students, staff, and faculty to bring their dogs to school for the day. There is no pre-registering involved and this year, everyone from the sophomore class is welcome to show up. “We have had 30-35 dogs come throughout the years,” Olson said.

This is not the first time BSM has hosted dog fest. It has been several years since the event first started. “Dog-Fest has been in existence since before I became an advisor, and I have been one for 4 years,” Olson said.

This year, the sophomores class board is in charge of putting together Dog-Fest. Though there has not been a tentative plan made by the students, coordinators of Student Council have been aiming to get the ball rolling. “Typically students will set up posters, make announcements, and do some marketing around the school prior to the event,” Student Council advisor Rachel Kuzma Olson said.

Upon arrival, each participant is handed a card to fill out their name and the name of their dog(s). This helps the MC (sophomore) for the event announce the dogs, but is also a fun way to share the name(s) to the other attendees to make for a more personal experience. Once everyone gathers together, the talent competition commences. The MC will announce each dog by name to present any sort of special trick to the panel of judges (3 faculty/staff members). The best part of the event is that not every dog must have a trick to receive an award. Some dogs may receive the award for best coat or coolest collar; the opportunities are endless. “We want everyone to feel included in this event,” Olson said.

Dog-Fest is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your dog, but also to share with others a piece of your life that you find unique and important to you.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dog-Fest through Knight Errant!