The Weber Family adopts new puppy in the wake of beloved dog’s death

The Webers adopted Ginger (left) after the passing of their late dog, Homer (right).

Photos courtesy of Eric Weber

The Webers’ adopted Ginger (left) after the passing of their late dog, Homer (right).

Ever since the dawn of time, humans have found it necessary to have companionship. Whether it is hanging out with family or friends, people need simple interaction. For many, they can find this from something that isn’t human: man’s best friend, universally known as a dog. Owners of these animals know how big of an impact they can have on your lives.

In the past three weeks, the senior class at BSM has been devastated to hear about the passing of Homer Weber, a Goldendoodle who was a key member in the family of senior Eric Weber. The Webers are very big supporters of the Red Knight community, so when the loss of their dog was made public, people were shocked to find out that such a healthy and happy dog had suddenly passed over the weekend. “We had him for 11 years, towards the end he had a growth in his small intestine and it quickly went downhill. We put him down so he didn’t have to feel much pain,” Weber said.

Weber’s older brother and former BSM alum, Jay Weber 18’, was at school at the University of Indiana-Bloomington when he got the phone call from his parents regarding Homer’s health. Jay got the call while walking into an Indiana football game. “They’re putting Homer down… I can’t believe this,” Jay said.

Although they were still reeling from the loss of Homer, the Webers immediately found a way to start to fill the hole in their family. Every year, the BSM Auction gives away a puppy as one of the main fundraisers. The Webers had previously volunteered to take care of the puppy for the week leading up to the auction. This predetermined decision was shaping up to look like a true destiny in the making. “It was very refreshing to have a dog in the day after Homer was put down. It kept the same energy of having a dog which was really nice,” Weber said. 

It didn’t take a genius to realize that the Webers were going to try and get the dog at the Auction and Ball. In fact, the puppy up for auction was also a Goldendoodle. When the time came to bid for the dog, the Webers were not about to let this one slip through their fingers. A very intense back and forth bidding war between Mr. Weber and his own mother led to the sale of the puppy at a price the BSM Auction had never seen before. “My mom and sister were bawling during the auction because they wanted her so bad. We had all fallen in love with her over the week and were so happy when we were able to get her,” Weber said. 

The puppy has turned out to be a blessing for the Webers. Eric, on the other hand, only has one problem with the puppy. “Her name is Ginger. I wanted to do Marge because that was Homer’s wife in the Simpsons, but the fam thought it was too elderly sounding. They’re both Goldendoodles. I haven’t found many similarities yet because she isn’t very grown up. For one thing, she likes to pee on the carpet a lot, like Homer did, so I guess that’s one,” Weber said.