Best Takeout of the Twin Cities


Lucy Hanson

Colorful smoothie bowls from Nautical Bowls sit comfortably on a car dashboard.

Lucy Hanson and Audrey Weber

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz recently implemented a limitation on restaurants restricting their operation services to takeout only. Much to the dismay of BSM students, Taher isn’t a fully functioning restaurant offering takeout. Though beyond the walls of BSM and all throughout the Metro area, there are some fantastic restaurants, chain and local, that could use community support during this time of restriction and are certainly worth a try. 


Located in the heart of Linden Hills, right by Lake Harriet, this place won’t disappoint. Rosalia primarily serves modern Italian cuisine. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first and wasn’t expecting Rosalia to make as good of a pizza as some other Minneapolis favorites such as Punch or Hello Pizza, but their pizza is next level. My personal favorite is the ‘Bianca’ pizza–I’ve never found this flavor combination anywhere else. Additionally, their takeout system is well configured. You order online the day of, pull into their parking lot at your selected time slot, call the restaurant and tell them what spot number you’re parked in, and they bring your food right to your car. If you’re seeking a change in pace from your usual pizza place of choice, you simply can’t go wrong at Rosalia. 

Naviya’s Thai Brasserie

Right across the street from Rosalia is Naviya’s Thai Brasserie. Don’t blink or you just might miss the restaurant itself as you’re driving by, but in all honesty, Naviya’s truly defines hidden gem. If Thai food isn’t your preferred cuisine, this just might change your perspective. You may shy away looking at the length of the menu, but look no further and do yourself a favor by ordering the chicken pad thai. The pad thai is a classic standby and most likely you’ll have enough to make some leftovers out of it. Their pickup system is also pretty slick–order online, pull into their lot, give them a call, and they bring the food right to your car. If you find yourself extra cold one night and lack the desire to cook, make your way over to Naviya’s for a meal of great taste, value, and of course, safety. 

Yum! Kitchen and Bakery

Less than two miles away from BSM is the old standby, Yum. Yum has truly mastered the concept of quality food. From sandwiches to tacos and soups to salads, Yum has it all–a personal favorite being the Szechuan salmon. No matter how restrictive or selective, everyone is guaranteed to find a top notch dish at Yum. Yum is well known for their kitchen, but don’t miss an opportunity to stop by their bakery. Their chocolate chip cookies practically define perfect, and they make just about any drink you have in mind to go along with that. Once again, their takeout system prioritizes efficiency, following the same order online, pull into a spot in their lot, and giving them a call when you’ve arrived. Whatever it is you’re craving, Yum is definitely capable of hitting the spot. (They also have a location in Minnetonka if that is of more convenience to you.)

Punch Pizza

You can’t describe Minneapolis’ food scene without highlighting Punch Pizza. On a normal Friday night, Punch is packed inside with avid pizza lovers, and not much has changed other than the fact that those avid pizza lovers are now enjoying Punch from the comfort of their homes. Punch is best known for their Neapolitan style pizzas. Their Margherita pizza is a fan favorite, though any of their pizzas will leave you beyond fulfilled. Punch also makes some delicious salads that pair incredibly well with their pizzas. The Margherita pizza and Punch salad make an unbeatable combination that is perfect for sharing. Punch has locations all across the Twin Cities and even some in the surrounding suburbs. All of their locations have systematic takeout procedures–place order online the day of at your desired pickup location, arrive at that location during your selected time slot, go inside, provide the staff with the name your order is under and then they give your food to you. It’s seriously impossible to get Punch Pizza and not be eternally satisfied afterwards. 


A fan favorite of many teenagers is Chick-fil-A. Personally, this is one of my go to restaurants. Their service is very quick with excellent customer service as well. Chick-fil-A was named the friendliest fast food chain. They workers respond “My pleasure!” every time a customer says “Thank you.” With COVID-19, they now have tents set up outside the drive-thru with several workers going around and taking orders to speed up the ordering process. They are known for their unreal Chicken of course, but you could also order anything from a Salad to Mac and Cheese. Don’t forget an Oreo shake for dessert too. You may spend more money here than other fast food restaurants, but you will be satisfied and stuffed. While only having 19 Chick-fil-A locations in Minnesota, one being 3 miles from Benilde-St. Margaret’s, the restaurants are always buzzing. 

Noodles and Company

A restaurant I tend to see in almost every city is Noodles & Company. There is such a wide variety of noodles and something to please everyone. My personal favorite is buttered cavatappi noodles with shrimp. You either love or hate shrimp, but this is a great dish. Noodles has a very easy process for ordering food with new COVID-19 guidelines. You can either order in advance online, or walk inside and order then take it to go. From my experiences, and I eat at Noodles a lot, they are always really quick to bring out the food, so you can be on your way. Noodles prices are extremely fair based on the quality and portion sizes of their food. Also, they offer a variety of different drinks, appetizers, gluten free options, and much more. Noodles is an easy, delicious option for takeout during this time.

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Nautical Bowls

An up and coming Minnetonka-based restaurant is Nautical Bowls. Nautical bowls opened their first location in 2018. They now have a second location in Eden-Prairie that opened this year. Nautical Bowls has smoothie bowls that are organic, plant based, and gluten and dairy free. There are a variety of different bases, granola, and toppings you can choose from. This is the type of restaurant that hits the spot at any time of any day. You do not have to be in the mood, like you do with some restaurants. A smoothie bowl is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are unsure of what to order, they have their signature smoothie bowls. You can order a Nautical Bowl online and pick it up in the store, or order inside and take it to go. If you have yet to try Nautical Bowls, I recommend going out to one of their two locations and trying a one-of-a-kind smoothie bowl.

Bruegger’s Bagels

Another quick and easy option is Bruegger’s Bagels. This is another place you could have for any meal of the day. They have a bacon egg and cheese bagel which is perfect for breakfast. If it’s around lunch time, a ham and cheese bagel is perfect. If you’re feeling something a little more sweet, they have cinnamon bagels to satisfy your craving. Along with different bagels, they have many drinks or easy snacks or desserts to grab and go. Bruegger’s collaborated with Caribou Coffee at some locations to make a convenient bagel-coffee combo. This is great because there aren’t many bagel drive-thrus, which certainly puts Bruegger’s at an advantage during COVID-19. For the Bruegger’s that aren’t connected to a Caribou, you can order online and pick it up in the restaurant, order in the restaurant and take it out, or get it delivered. All these quick and easy options make Bruegger’s Bagels a great place for takeout.