BSM welcomes new Spanish Resource Center


Nick Marinaro

An empty Spanish room awaits students

Isabella Fries, Staff Writer

Similar to the Math and English Resource Center, the Spanish Resource Center became available this year. The resource center is available on zoom during 4th and 6th hour. Although there is no physical location yet, Sra. Mary Murray and the Spanish department hope to get one in the near future.

The Spanish Resource Center was first brought up during a meeting with Principal Dr. Susan Skinner regarding the Spanish-speaking internship students. Dr. Skinner and Sra. Murray decided to have the resource center available during those students’ free hours: 4th and 6th hour. 

The Spanish Resource Center is run by 11 Spanish speaking students and the advisor, Sra. Murray. These high-level students are able to help all students no matter their skill level in the language. “Most students helping are native speakers or high ability students,” Murray said.

The high-level students can help with a range of students. Anywhere from new Spanish speakers who want help with vocabulary and pronunciation all the way to the upper level and AP students who need help with compositions for writing or projects. “It [the resource center] is a good resource for students especially in levels 1-5,” Murray said.

Not only are students who are seeking help invited, but all students, even non-Spanish speakers, are invited. “I would love for everyone to go check it out. It’s a fun way to get help, and all the students are very welcoming and kind!” Murray said.