Many Students and Teachers Agree: No Homework Over Break


Malik Jaiteh

Students hope that homework will not pile up over Christmas break.

Will Feyereisn, Staff Writer

With BSM’s new modified cohort schedule teachers are having to compact a semester’s worth of material into one quarter. With Christmas break coming up soon, teachers are contemplating giving homework for students to complete over their two week break.

The new modified schedule has brought many changes to the BSM curriculum. Although the second quarter is shorter, some teachers don’t feel the need for their students to have work over break. “I like to practice what I preach…I don’t want any school work over break, I wanna focus on my ice fishing as well as myself and my health,” science teacher John Porisch said. 

Some teachers plan on using the break for students to get caught up and in a good place for when they come back. “I see it as an opportunity for some students who have fallen behind to get caught up… I will not be assigning something new,” business teacher John Sabol said.

Most teachers seem to not want students to have work to do over the break. Many of the teachers seem to have busy lives outside of school. “Christmas break is a busy time for me; I have Business Professionals of America… I am hopeful that my students are working on BPA projects to get ready for the competition after break,” Sabol said.

Many students have a lot of responsibilities outside of school and it can be hard to focus on academics when you are on break. “I think that it is unfair to expect kids to do work on a holiday that is meant to be spent with family and friends,” senior Finn Murphy said. 

For many seniors, this time of year is tough. With students having to apply to colleges and for scholarships there isn’t much free time over break. “I know for myself and probably many others that we have tons of college application work over break. I have ten-plus essays to work on and that’s just a few colleges that I am applying for,” Murphy said.

As for the teachers, it seems that they have adapted to the new schedule and don’t seem to have a problem with the shortened time they have to teach the material. “I am fortunate to have my quarter all planned out… for me I know where my class needs to be for quarter end,” Sabol said.