Students continue to prepare for winter sports amid governor-issued delay

Jonny Woodford, Staff Writer

Senior Charlie Hansen tears it up on the basketball court

Will the delay in winter sports affect the players or will they pursue their training through the break and become even better after it?  Governor Walz announced on November 18th that all winter sports are going to be put on a four week pause period. 

Much research has been done on fall sports and the coronavirus. They have come to the conclusion that indoor sports and outdoor sports have the same percentage of cases. Governor Walz hopes to flatten the curve of coronavirus cases through several restrictions, including a four-week pause in all winter sports 

This break in winter sports will end December 18, and the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) has made a plan to let teams start practicing together again on December 21st. The teams will hold two weeks of practice and could begin competitions the week of January 4. “I am very happy to hear the news about the season coming back after the four-week pause,” senior girl’s hockey forward Lucy Hanson said. 

Many teams are switching their training and practices to an online format. The girl’s hockey team has zoom calls five days a week led by the captains. For three of the days, the girls continue to perform the same workouts as in previous years. The other two days they work on their stickhandling and puck control. “I am very glad we have found a way to work out during these times; it is very nice getting to talk with my friends on the team over the zoom call,” Hanson said. 

I am very happy to hear the news about the season coming back after the four-week pause.

— Lucy Hanson

The girl’s winter dance team has switched their practices to all virtual as well, and are benefiting from that very much. The girls are able to practice their jazz and kick dances on their zoom call which gives them a lot of hope for the upcoming season. “I was very nervous when I heard the news about the four-week break that governor Walz made; I didn’t know how we were going to practice and get our dance routines down. I am very glad that we got zoom calls to work and for everyone to be able to get on the call,” senior dance captain Myka Field said. 

Many athletes are struggling to find places to train or work on their craft. Some athletes are finding new ways to train. Senior boy’s basketball captain Charlie Hansen is used to being able to go to the gym and work out and shoot. “I’ve had to go to the park and shoot around and have not been able to go to the gym and work out,” Hansen said.

Many teams rely on the practices before the season starts to be able to get prepared for the upcoming season. “Our team usually does a lot of activities to get to know each other. Every practice we have we gain more and more chemistry which leads to being successful,” senior boy’s hockey goalie Charlie Frattalone said.