Staff Ed: The Knight Errant stands with students of color


Connor Rahill

Seniors Xela Gunvalson, Sophie Coleman, and Johan Dominguez-Lopez pose on the BSM sign.

On August 19, 2020, City Pages published an article which has become infamous within the BSM community. The article highlighted the gross mistreatment of minorities at BSM as alumni of color retold their heartbreaking experiences. The article quickly gained traction, and the spotlight was placed on BSM’s administration as all parts of the community awaited their response.

Since the article’s publication, BSM has taken a refreshing role in responding to concerns from POC students and alumni. Specifically, the administration hired private consultant Ms. Kendra Dodd to assist BSM in leading listening sessions. These sessions show that BSM is clearly taking strides to make the school a more comfortable place for students of color.

It’s great that the administration is addressing these issues, but the negative POC experience at BSM has been reported in the past through the Knight Errant and social media platforms, and the administration is just now taking considerable action? After years of enduring demeaning jokes from their white peers, POC students are just now shown a symbol of improvement? We understand that the administration can’t change the past, but it’s important to remember our school’s history so that we’re able to quickly identify and resolve any hardship that certain groups of students may face in the future.

While it’s important that BSM’s administration takes action to tackle this issue, the student body is also responsible for standing up for themselves. This year, some students have stepped up and are playing an active role in fighting for equal treatment. A pair of sophomores co-founded the Red Knights for Human Rights club dedicated to reporting the mistreatment of human rights. Additionally, a group of seniors organized a demonstration on BSM’s campus raising awareness of police brutality. These actions show that there are people in BSM’s community who are not only thinking about racial injustice, but are doing something to combat it.

The Knight Errant stands with students of color. It always has. As the Black Lives Matter movement grows in our racially diverse society, conflict arises. Those who oppose equity and fair representation, or simply lack care for these values, will hopefully see the error of their ways and make steps towards equality, just as BSM is doing. We support the administration’s recent action to make the school a better place for all people and hope that other schools and organizations follow BSM’s example.


This staff editorial is the opinion of the entire editorial board of the Knight Errant.