Ryan Kraemer brings wind power to BSM

Senior Ryan Kraemer, with the help of BSM’s RED capstone class, is taking the Red Knights green.

Kraemer has been an engineering student at BSM since his sophomore year; as a result, he was one of the first to hear about the RED program: BSM’s latest elective that falls underneath the engineering umbrella.

Designed to allow students to create something for the real world, the RED capstone class allowed Kraemer to take this opportunity to build a functioning windmill that will be used to power something at BSM. Preliminary thoughts are a small weather station or to have it act as a charger of cameras at the stadium; either way Kraemer and the whole RED team are very excited.

The windmill will be made in house by Kraemer. He has been charged with handling the construction and the zoning with the city of Saint Louis Park. He has also had to clear this with the administration.

The whole project is self driven and challenges Kraemer to be his own advocate; that’s not to say this would be possible without the engineering teachers. They have worked hard over the past couple years to get administration on board with this innovative type of class.