Two Friends’ Big Bootie Mix 18 might be skipped


Lauren Hawkinson

Big Bootie Mix 18 has debuted their final mix of the year. The Two Friends duo chose the perfect theme for their cover as election day rolls around.

For all of you SoundCloud listeners, the wait is over. Two Friends released their 18th mix of the infamous Big Bootie soundtrack on October 26, 2020. The duo DJ group made up of Eli Sones and Matthew Halper has finished off 2020 with their final mix, creating two per year, and fans are listening to each new song in hopes it can top the previous one.

From the minds of the creators, Two Friends has had great success with their melting pot of different beats, tunes, artists, and genres, more formally known as remixes. The duo met in grade school and continued their music collaboration to this day. Between the two members, Halper had a strong music background from learning guitar and training in music theory. Meanwhile, Sones centralized his work on DJing and mashups. After parting ways for college, the duo got the “band back together” and continued their Two Friends project full-time in LA. In an interview with King Updates, the duo explained their style and how they want their music to feel for the audience. “In general, I’d say our music is music that gets you moving, gets you dancing, but also resonates on an emotional level, as well. It’s music you can play at shows, at clubs, at parties, at work, in the car. It kind of works in all worlds,” Two Friends said.

I am an avid listener to the Big Bootie Mixes. When these remixes are played at gatherings, everyone is up on their feet dancing. Each mix lasts for about one hour, so you never have to fear picking a new song to keep the party going. However, I’m afraid Big Bootie Mix 18 might get skipped after a few minutes of listening.

Typically, each remix begins with a short introduction of an older song, which is then followed by popular songs of the current year or more recent tunes. This mix begins with the song “Out Here In The Fields” by Baba O’Riley and then transitions to “UCLA” by RL Grime. I am fond of both songs, and they both set up the mix for great success. But as more songs are added in, there is a serious change in energy. Two Friends wants the songs to resonate with listeners and make them want to dance, but I can’t seem to see how this mix fits that criteria. Even when songs I admire are played, they are overpowered by obnoxious beats or are cut short.

I can’t discredit the whole mix because I still have 40 minutes left to go. It may just be that there will be a total shift in energy, and I won’t know until I listen to more of it. But, for now, I’m thinking about hitting skip and moving on, but perhaps good things come to those who wait.

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Make sure to check out the rest of the Two Friends mashups on SoundCloud because these guys are creative geniuses.