Students encounter many changes due to COVID-19


Julia Schwartz

BSM puts signs up around the school to remind students to wear a mask and stay six feet apart.

Julia Schwartz, Staff Writer

This year, because of COVID, BSM welcomes students back to campus with a variety of different changes to the traditional learning environment. 

Hybrid learning is a big change for a lot of students and teachers. Students are split up into different cohorts. Grades 7-9 have the option to either do all-virtual, do in-person everyday, or hybrid. For grades 10-12, they can either do hybrid or all-virtual. Going hybrid means that students Zoom into their class one day and the next day they go into school for in-person classes. “I like it. It’s the best option for hands on learning though it’s hard to get used to because of the environment change every other day. It’s nice to see people in person,” sophomore Sophia Dipola said. 

In order to support this hybrid model, students and teachers have a lot of new technology in the classroom. There are always some students zooming into class, and teachers have a camera on a prop in the classroom to show the kids what is going on there. “At first it was a little overwhelming, now that I’ve been using it it’s gotten better.” Spanish teacher Ms. Alison Terrell said.

Unlike in the past years when the school ran on an 8-period day, this year students and teachers only have four 80-minute classes everyday for one quarter. With the same four classes every day, the amount of course work students get has changed. “I like having less homework. It’s a lot easier to handle than eight classes. Sometimes it gets boring but most teachers are nice and give us breaks,” junior Maggie Amaris said. 

Of course, students and teachers are required to wear masks if they are on school property, unless they are outside and six feet apart or at lunch. “I like wearing masks because it makes me feel safer, and I’m happy helping my family and my community,” sophomore Francesca Litchenburg said. 

Lunches this year are very different because there are five lunches instead of three and students are allowed to sit outside. Students who purchase lunch from Taher get lunch in-a box and only have one option for a hot lunch. “We really don’t have a preference as long as the kids are happy. During these times, you have to be flexible,” Rebecca, who works with Taher staff, said. 

Students this year also have the privilege to leave campus early if they have free hour last period or arrive late if they have free hour first period. Before COVID, this was just a senior privilege. “I like being able to have more time in the morning to finish homework and sleep in,” sophomore Jane Boase said. 

Once we find a vaccine and feel safe with everyone back on campus, we will have to sit down and figure out our policies again,

— Cami Dahlstrom

This school year students no longer have lockers due to COVID, so students are allowed to carry backpacks. “I like having everything with me, so I don’t have to go back and forth to my locker to get stuff,” senior Sage Waymire-Rozman said.

This year is a very unknown year. Students, teachers, and staff have all been taking it day by day. “We haven’t discussed how our past policies will change after COVID. Once we find a vaccine and feel safe with everyone back on campus, we will have to sit down and figure out our policies again,” Assistant Principal Cami Dalhstrom said.