Match the Mask to the Teacher!

Click on the image to start playing the game!

Courtney Kallas, Staff Writer

At the start of each year, teachers at Benilde-St. Margaret’s welcome back their students with smiling faces. However, this tradition has been put on hold as everyone in the school building is required to be wearing a mask at almost all times.

With that being said, this year students tend to remember their teachers not by their amazing smiles, but by their colorful masks. Some teachers don an elaborately patterned work of art, while others prefer the standard, but never-going-out-of-style blue one.

With such diverse colors, shapes, and patterns, one may think they can tell the teacher by their favorite mask, but can they really? The challenge is put to the test below; are you able to match the mask to the teacher? Click on the masked might below and scroll through the photos to try your guessing skills!