Construction on new collaboration hub begins


Jack Shields

The last time BSM saw construction, it was to create the new atrium.This May, BSM started the process of building a new a collaborative workspace.

Alana Kabaka, Staff Writer

Although students have had to attend school online, there is something always going on at BSM.

On May 11, BSM began construction of a new collaboration hub that will be located at the center of the school across from the cafeteria. Along with the new collaborative space, six classrooms are being relocated or renovated. “[This project will help with] meeting the needs of our students regarding traditional instructional needs. As collaboration and creativity take on greater importance we would like to create a multi-purpose facility for our students and faculty that promotes those outcomes,” President Dr. Adam Ehrmantraut said.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling or postponing events and gatherings all over the world, this project has actually had the opportunity to benefit from the quarantine. ‘’The construction was scheduled to begin after school was out, however with the building being empty it provided the opportunity to start earlier,” Ehrmantraut said.

With this earlier start, the construction will be done by the start of the second semester for the 2020-2021 school year.

This isn’t the first construction project at BSM. Since 2000, BSM has improved or updated the entire west hallway and classrooms, chapel, main office, library, theater, atrium, and the athletic fields. While Ehrmantraut says his favorite addition is the chapel, he believes this addition will be great for the BSM community, specifically helping to bring a more creative touch to the school. “When you think about the full student experience and the facilities to match, we are in a good position in terms of traditional classroom learning, our athletic facilities are well equipped, except for a needed fitness center, independent work is supported in the library, casual space is available in the Atrium, and this space will be the hub for collaborative, team-focused learning,” Ehrmantraut said.