Student find ways to pass the time while under stay-at-home order

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, students are finding ways to stay active and remain positive.


Flint Frohman

A view from the River Bottoms mountain biking trail

Morgan Anderson, Staff Writer

There’s no longer an excuse about not having enough time to clean out a tired closet that hasn’t had any love for the past couple years. BSM students are taking advantage of this time at home to work on some spring cleaning. “I’ve been cleaning and organizing a lot of things in my room, and I had to help my dad go through the attic,” senior Maggie Murnan said.

Without being able to leave the house, binge-watching Netflix and streaming movies have helped the time pass. Movie fanatics across BSM are finally given the time to dive into a world of film. “I have been watching basically every movie ever made and binge-watching Netflix shows,” freshman Charlie Shideman said.

Cooking and baking have also been some popular hobbies. Everyone seems to be looking to come out of this pandemic as the new Martha Stewart. Grocery stores have been selling out of flour, yeast, and other baking products. “I’ve started to help my mom cook dinner most nights,” freshman Kiya Gilliand said.

Beyond cooking, students have gotten their creative juices flowing through crafts. Next year, BSM’s art department should be flourishing with new artists. “I’ve been doing some crafts and painting. I made a few bracelets that I mailed out to a few of my friends,” senior Frida Fortier said.

Most importantly, students have been making going outside and being active a priority. “I have been trying to get outside at least once a day and go for a run,” junior Charlie Damberg said.

Junior George Wolfe has taken advantage of being not-so-active, with this quarantine giving him some time to recover from a recent sports injury. “This quarantine has given me plenty of time to focus on rehabbing my shoulders,” Wolfe said.

With the days blending together, sophomore Sydney Drees has made a schedule for herself to hold herself accountable to stay active. “Most days are the same for me. I do school, and then I go to the field and play some soccer. I have spent a lot of time cleaning and going through my room and clothes, as well,” Drees said.