BSM cancels prom


SusanLesch, Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Prom 2020 was scheduled to be held at TCF Bank Stadium. Since the stay-at-home order was put in place and BSM has moved to extended online school, prom has been canceled.

Zach Carden, Staff Writer

As the school year winds down each spring, juniors and seniors alike look forward to prom––a time for upperclassmen to get fancied up and show off on the dance floor. However, due to the COVID-19 virus, the status of prom is very questionable and has many asking questions. While schools are currently closed and everyone is quarantined, there is still hope the current situation will improve and prom will occur in some sort of capacity.

Benilde- St. Margaret’s certainly has much more pressing issues than prom, like the health and safety of their students, but this does not mean they have forgotten about it. “Prom is a concern for the BSM community. It has been a topic of conversation since we first started Extended Online School,” senior high teacher and primary prom planner, Ms. Monica Weir said.

Prom is a concern for the BSM community. It has been a topic of conversation since we first started Extended Online School.

— Monica Weir

Due to new regulations put in place by Governor Tim Walz, large gatherings are not allowed in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This certainly affects prom as it is a multiple hundred-person event. The original plan set in place by BSM has been scrapped because of the current state of the situation. “We were scheduled to have prom at TCF Bank Stadium, which is an amazing venue. Just after we started EOS, they let us know that they would not be able to host any large gatherings,” Senior High Principal Dr. Susan Skinner said.

Currently, prom has been canceled, but that does not mean it has been done in for good. COVID-19’s situation could certainly take a turn for the better and allow students to gather in such a big group and other options are also being looked into. “We are looking at alternatives that are in accordance with social distancing. If you have ideas, we would be happy to hear them,” Weir said.

If restrictions relax within the next month for Minnesota and prom could legally happen, a new venue would need to be found, along with a DJ and food catering. Due to these variables, students should not expect a decision anytime soon. “There is no hard deadline; we will wait and see what guidelines or directions come from the Governor,” Skinner said.