8th grader Olivia Olson shocks teams with her quick scoring and high intensity gameplay


Elizabeth Valley

8th grader Olivia Olson stands on the court where she has had several high scoring games.

Elizabeth Valley, Staff Writer

Olivia Olson had a phenomenal season on the varsity basketball team. She was loved by her teammates, who recognized her as a prominent player. “She’s amazing and she’s literally an eighth-grader,” sophomore Charlotte Peterson said. 

Playing on the varsity team was a little intimidating at first for Olson. Being one of the youngest on the team, she wasn’t sure how the upperclassmen would see her. “I didn’t know if people would accept me, but right away the older players took me in and listened to me,” Olivia Olson said.

I didn’t know if people would accept me, but right away the older players took me in and listened to me.

— Olivia Olson

Once on the team, Olson became a starter immediately. She remembers one game in particular, against DeLaSalle, that stood out due to her scoring 40 out of her team’s 55 points. Although she is known for racking up points, she’s also acknowledged as being a good team player and very friendly, even to the opposing team. “She’s really sweet. If she knocks someone down, she’ll put out a hand to help them up. She’s very sportsmanlike,” Peterson said. 

Not only is Olson a star on the court, but she is an asset on the soccer field as well. She had a great season as the varsity starting goalie this fall and her teammates appreciated all she did for her team. “She’s a really good teammate, she’s always really supportive, and even though she’s so young and such a good athlete, she doesn’t let it go to her head,” senior Kiara Herro said. 

As much as Olson loves soccer, she is aiming to further continue her basketball career. Olson has been involved with basketball since first grade and isn’t planning on quitting soon. “My goal right now is to play college basketball,” Olson said.