Staff Ed: Seniors should slow down and enjoy these last couple of months of high school


As the class of 2020’s days wind down here at BSM, seniors are deciding where they will be attending school next year, purchasing their prom dresses and tuxedos, and planning their graduation parties. Obviously, you should be excited about these things, but instead of counting down to the last day of high school, the KE staff believes you should slow down to enjoy, participate in, and cherish your last days with your classmates. Don’t anticipate, participate!

If you really wanted to, you could go through all of high school counting down the days until your graduation, but with that mindset, you likely would never have as positive or productive of an experience as you have the chance to enjoy. When you are bored in class, instead of counting down the minutes until the bell, try to engage with your classmates and teachers; at least put some effort into being productive, it might just make the time go by faster.

If you plan on going home after school every day this spring and doing nothing except waste time, get some friends and go cheer on the lacrosse and baseball teams or sign up for a club you’ve always wanted to join. The senior class hasn’t done the best possible job of supporting our sports teams this year, and the KE staff thinks we should try our best to make every baseball and lacrosse game this spring as rowdy as the SMB football game or the hockey section final vs Blake. These were some of the most exciting times of our lives and we should do our best to support our teams the same way this spring. So instead of staying home show up to as many games and events as you can. The only outcome of skimming over these last couple of months and only thinking about the end is not fully enjoying the time we have left together. If you don’t slow down you’ll miss out on truly treasuring things like senior spring break or your senior prom.

When we have a Mass, actually put some effort into dressing in your “Sunday best.” On student council dress-up days, participate and have some fun dressing up instead of just blowing them off. Follow the spring sports’ super fan social media accounts (@BSMstudent_sect) so you can know the theme for each game.

the reality is, high school doesn’t last forever.

These are just a few of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities you have at BSM and if you don’t participate now you’ll regret it later in life; after all, you only have four years of school, and once these four years are over you won’t be able to relive the special moments. So erase the “days until graduation” countdown on your classroom whiteboards and appreciate the time you have with each other because the reality is, high school doesn’t last forever.