The BSM bathrooms need some renovations


Will Thompson

BSM senior believes that the BSM bathrooms are in desperate need of some big renovations.

Will Thompson, Staff Writer

If you walk about the campus of Benilde-St. Margaret’s and ask any person what they think of the bathroom, regardless of gender, they are sure to have at least one complaint. That one complaint is most likely that BSM’s bathrooms could use some renovations.

After eating wings, most students will flow by the dozens to the bathrooms in hopes of cleaning their sauce drenched fingers and faces. However, these kids would be upset to find that only three of the nine sinks work properly. This isn’t the only bummer these frustrated kids will run into while scrambling through the bathroom.

The paper towel dispensers are most likely temporarily broken or empty. These kids don’t even consider going to another bathroom because the closest one is all the way across the school. If the gentlemen of the school thought about going to the only other male restroom at school, they would have to put on their running shoes and navigate the sea of students that fill the halls. If they are able to make it to the bathroom in less than five minutes, good for them. But the chances of making it back to class without getting a tardy are not likely.

To those kids who decided not to make the jog to the Haben bathroom, be careful. The odds of walking through overflowed toilet water and slipping are pretty high in the boys’ bathroom outside the lunchroom. This is a hassle nobody should worry about when simply wanting to go to the bathroom. Once these toilets overflow, they almost always remain out of operation for a week at a minimum. Thinking about using the bathroom in the stalls, don’t bother. The Big Bad Wolf will definitely blow that stall down. This issue of the weak stalls combined with the fact that the toilet paper is like sandpaper is a big problem.

The bathrooms are unsafe, inconvenient, and at times, gross: they need help.

— Will Thompson

Not everything about the BSM bathrooms is bad. In fact, there are some pretty great elements in the BSM bathrooms: good smelling soap, a big mirror, and wonderfully designed tiles are pretty nice. This, however, is the extent of positive things I can say about the bathrooms. The bathrooms can be unsafe, inconvenient, and at times, gross; they need help.