Basketball mid-season catch up


Courtesy of Temo Photo

Senior Zach Carden and sophomore Sam Best playing at home against Waconia.

Francesca Near, Staff Writer

The BSM boys’ basketball team went into this season with many goals. The team’s overall record was not the top priority. The main goal was ending as second in the Conference and the possibility of going to state. 

As of now, the goals for the team have drastically changed. “The goal for the rest of the season is to get better as a team and play to the best of our abilities,” senior captain Nels Birkeland said.

The boys’ are currently 3 in 10. Although they have a losing record, they plan to put the time and effort into getting better. At the beginning of the season, the individual players made goals for their own personal season, and the team made goals to improve as a whole. “Hopefully the individual goals can be incorporated into the overall success of the team,” Birkeland said.

Hopefully the individual goals can be incorporated into the overall success of the team.

— Nels Birkeland

The team is coached by Hans Hoeg, who has brought many new aspects to the program this year. For example, he provides morning lifting practices for the team. “[The practices are] helpful, yet it takes a lot for high schoolers to wake up at 5:30 in the morning for practice,” Birkeland said.   

There have been two standout players this year. Seniors Nick Peterson and Walker Johnson have stepped up as team leaders this season. “Nick has become a very good scorer and is one for the best leaders in the state for any sport and his fight and drive has helped carry us this season, and Walker is taking a bigger role as key scorer with his ability to finish at the rim, and his size being beneficial on defense,” Birkeland said.

There is still hope for the boys’ season. “The end of last season was really good, and hopefully we can have a strong end to this season,” Birkeland said.