You are never too old to go sledding


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Three BSM administrators, Dr. Skinner, Dr. Ehrmantraut, and Mrs. Mortl show that you are never too old to go sledding.

Blake Mesenburg, Staff Writer

As the temp drops below freezing and rain turn to snow, the local parks become hotspots for Minnesotans to go sledding. There comes a time in life when some would say that you are too old to do activities such as go trick-or-treating or order off of the kids’ menu at a restaurant. While these things might be debatable, one truth remains infallible: You are never too old to go sledding.

Anyone who lives in an area that gets snow understands the thrill that comes with riding a sled down a hill. It is a great adventure and an opportunity to create memories with friends and family. “You can make good memories with your friends at night of sledding when you’re flying down the hills trying to knock each other off the sled,” sophomore Max Benning said.

It is uncommon to see a bunch of adults sledding down a hill at your local park. As people grow up and become adults, they begin to believe that sledding is childish and immature. But the activity should not be seen as one that is childish, but rather one that reminds you of youthfulness. “The exhilaration you get from jumping on a sled and riding down a hill should not be limited by your age,” senior Joe Marinaro said.

There are many activities within sledding that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. For those a little older, there is the satisfaction of making it to the top of the hill and saying you got a workout in. Or for less adventurous people, you might choose to head inside and enjoy a cup of cocoa after one run down the hill. “You are never too old to have a good time. Different parts of sledding can be fun and entertaining for different groups of people. Some people like to chuck snowballs at people going down on a sled or try to push each other off the sled,” senior Will Thompson said.

Tap into your inner child and grab some friends to hit the hills and enjoy the cold winter days outside, like a true Minnesotan.

— Blake Mesenburg

There are many options around the metro area to tackle the hills. Depending on the experience you are looking for, there are local parks you can enjoy for free with no rules and very few people. Golf courses can also be a common spot to go sledding for free. There are often some big hills and a lot of open space. You can also pay money to go sledding at places such as Elm Creek or Buck Hill. These places offer tow ropes to get you up the hill and sleds to go down on. “Elm Creek has 10 different lanes that you can fly down. They have tubes that can fit multiple people so you can all go down at once. The best time to go is at night,” sophomore Adam Marshall said.

You are never too old to go sledding. Tap into your inner child and grab some friends to hit the hills and enjoy the cold winter days outside, like a true Minnesotan.