BSM sophomore coaches junior high basketball team


Courtesy of Joseph Pace

Joseph Pace talks to his team during the halftime of their game.

Keegan Gustafson, Staff Writer

For the seventh-grade boys’ basketball team, there is a familiar face sitting on the bench this year. Rather than being a player, sophomore, Joseph Pace will be serving as a coach for this season. He will be coaching alongside Bobby Brooks, who is the head coach for the team.

Pace decided to take the role of an assistant coach this year because of his love for the game. Playing since he was in fourth grade, Pace has a lot of experience in the sport. After playing the sport for about six years, he decided it was time to try something new. “What made me take on this role was my love and interest for the game, which means any opportunity I get to be a part of the game is something I’ll take,” Pace said. 

Pace looks forward to working with young players and being apart of their development. He has a great opportunity to play a huge role in making the game enjoyable for his players. “I’m looking forward to this season is the chance to really get to work with young players who are interested in learning more about the game while getting better,” Pace said. 

A key factor in a player’s success is their confidence. If players don’t have confidence on the court, it will hold back their potential. Looking at the basketball season, Pace hopes to help his players trust themselves and their abilities and help strengthen their skills. “My goals for the season are to help improve the skills and confidence of my players while also preparing them for high school basketball,” Pace said

My goals for the season are to help improve the skills and confidence of my players while also preparing them for high school basketball.

— Joseph Pace

Coaching can be a difficult task. It is such an important role in any sport, and it can sometimes bring nerves and stress to coaches. Pace has maintained a positive mindset going into the season and is pretty confident in his abilities. “There isn’t much I’m worried about other than maybe the parents in case I get on their kid too much,” Pace said.  

So far this season, Brooks has had a powerful impact on Pace’s development and love for the game. He has a lot of knowledge about basketball and helps players be better on and off the court. “Bobby Brooks is one of the best coaches I’ve had the chance to work with over my six years connection to the game,” Pace said.