Boys’ hockey team continues superfan tradition


Courtesy of @BsmHockey on Twitter

Hockey senior superfans support the team at the Edina game.

Maggie Murnan, Staff Writer

As the hockey season begins, the long-running tradition of hockey super fans continues for another year. Most sports at BSM sell superfan shirts to their friends or family to wear at games, but the hockey team is different. Instead of selling dozens of different t-shirts, each hockey player is paired up with one senior girl to be their superfan. 

Players on the team like the hockey superfan tradition because it helps get more of a crowd at their games. “Having one superfan for each player gets people to wear the shirts and it gets people to come to our games,” senior player William Thompson said. 

The senior girl superfans each have to buy a superfan jersey that has their player’s name and number on the back of these jerseys. “We go to their games, wear their jerseys, and cheer them on,” senior Bridget Baker said. 

Going to their games isn’t the only job of the superfans. The senior girls put treats in the players’ lockers before big games. For their first home game against Edina, the super fans made brownies and put them in the hockey players’ lockers. However, there were some mixed responses from the team about the quality of the brownies. Junior James Callahan was a big fan of the brownies, but junior Grant Ellings had a different opinion. “Honestly I didn’t eat the brownies. They looked super crumbly,” Ellings said. 

Having one superfan for each player gets people to actually wear the shirts and it really gets people to come to our games.

— William Thompson

Seniors Kylie Krumenauer and Maggie Anderson volunteered to be in charge of setting up the super fans and the different activities. “We organize the money we have to spend and the money for the jerseys. We also organize making and giving them treats,” Krumenauer said. 

The superfans are all seniors, but the hockey team is comprised of all grades, so not all super fans know their players well. Some of the superfans are good friends with their player, while others have never talked to them. The seniors were able to pick the player they wanted to be a superfan for or Krumenauer and Anderson would pick it for them if they didn’t have a preference. “We asked people who they would want to be matched with and figured it out that way. We let the girls have a say in who they wanted to be with,” Anderson said.