Students participate in National Honor Society induction


Courtesy of Liv Schmitz

Parents and students gather to celebrate the induction of NHS members.

Brady Giertsen, Staff Writer

On Monday November 4th, the National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony took place in the Hamburge Theater. Juniors and seniors who are new members of National Honor Society were inducted and received a certificate signifying their place into NHS. Second-year members were also honored by receiving a membership card. 

The new officers of National Honor Society were installed at the ceremony. Maggie Anderson (President), Maggie Murnan (Vice President), and Dominic Vogel (Secretary) were honored by receiving different pins for each position. “It was an honor to be chosen to represent all of the NHS members; receiving my gavel pin is something I will remember,” Anderson said. 

The night included a speech from president Maggie Anderson, a blessing from Secretary Dominic Vogel, as well as singing and multiple readings from NHS members. Maggie Murnan the Vice President was in charge of handing out certificates to the new NHS members. “My favorite part of the night was handing out all of the certificates to the new members. It was cool to see how excited they were when I handed them their certificates,” Murnan said. 

Each NHS member was called by name and invited to come up and sign the ledger. Family members were also able to attend the induction ceremony to show support for the members getting inducted. “The night was enjoyable for everyone. It was fun to see everyone get inducted, and my parents were really proud,” senior inductee Nic Dokman said.

A second year inductee William Thompson, still enjoyed the event as a second year inductee, “[My favorite part of the night was] the candle lighting ceremony, it illuminated the entire theater. When all of the inductees read the NHS pledge it gave me chills and goosebumps,” Thompson said.