Frank Ocean drops a surprise new song named “DHL”


NRK P3, Flickr, Creative Commons

Frank Ocean performing in 2012.

Mason McHugh, Staff Writer

On October 19, Frank Ocean released a single, “DHL”, out of nowhere. There was little to no warning that he was about to drop a song. This is his first track released since his 2018 song “Moon River” which was a cover of Audrey Hepburn signing it in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

The song is very chill but with Frank Ocean themes mixed into it.

— Mason McHugh

The song is titled “DHL” which is in reference to the shipping company. He has expressed his love of getting packages in the mail in a past tweet. “I feel very blessed, grateful, and excited, happy chemicals rushing through my veins, when I walk into my apartment and I’ve got FedEx, DHL, UPS boxes, Worldnet boxes. As simple as that is,” Frank Ocean said. The song is very chill but with Frank Ocean themes mixed into it. He mixes a lot of voices and noises and fades his voice causing an echo effect. 

The lyric “New Files sittin’ on my drive, nothin’ new, yeah” hints that there may be new music coming. Ocean also teases that there may be a whole new project with the lyrics “it’s comin’ soon, comin’ soon.” Then at the end of the track, he boasts about how he got out of his Def Jam record contract to release music independently under his new “blonded” label head. Frank Ocean’s fans say that this is just the start of Ocean’s long-awaited return.