Students dress up for Halloween


Courtesy of Louis Hyde

Senior Louis Hyde dresses up as cowboy for Halloween this year.

Frida Fortier, Staff Writer

Even though most high schoolers have retired from trick-or-treating, having a good costume is still a Halloween essential. Whether you’re attending a party or just passing out candy, it’s important to have the proper attire. Students do not take Halloween costumes lightly. 

Freshman Amelia Beutz and Ellie Krusemark took a unique angle with their Halloween costume. Beutz is dressing up as a cowgirl; while Krusemark and a few of their other friends will be dressing as a variety of farm animals. “Amelia will probably wear a flannel, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots and I think I will wear some sort of animal onesie,” Krusemark said. 

Sophomores Maddie Shannon, Kaia Ballinger, Tilly Wolfe, Ashtyn Lowenberg, Mary Zavoral, Avery Richardson are dressing up as Mean Girls for Halloween. Inspired by Pinterest, each girl will be wearing different colored plaid skirts with white shirts and shoes hoping to resemble characters from the movie Mean Girls. Willing to spend no more than $40, these sophomores are purchasing their costumes from Pacsun. “I’m excited for all of us to be matching. It will be fun to show up to a party wearing the same thing,” sophomore Sydney Drees said. 

I’m excited for all of us to be matching. It will be fun to show up to a party wearing the same thing

— Sydney Drees

Juniors Piper Ehlen, Theresa DeCesare, Alli Voss, Sarah McGurl, Abby Hancock, Rachael Brooks, and Lucy Hanson are dressing up as characters from the horror movie The Purge, for their Halloween party. Ehlen thought of the idea and found the perfect items for the costume from Amazon. “I probably won’t spend more than $30, Amazon isn’t that expensive though which is nice,” McGurl said. 

Seniors Kyle Wallace and Louis Hyde will be dressing up as cowboys. Dressing in flannels and cowboy hats, these seniors will be wearing this easy, timeless costume to their Halloween party. “I decided to be a cowboy because I knew it would be easy and cheap, and it’s just a classic,” senior Hyde said. 

Halloween is a great opportunity for students to get together and get creative. This festive time of the year proves to be a memorable experience no matter what the age. “I’ve always loved Halloween, even though I don’t trick-or-treat anymore, it’s still one of my favorite times of the year,” senior Ava Peterson said.