Fall is the best season


Jack Shields

Sophie Ludwig describes the many positives of fall.

Sophie Ludwig, Social Media Manager

Leaves falling from trees, scented candles being lit, and breezy weather pretty much sums up fall weather in Minnesota. Throughout the fall, we experience perfect weather, it is never too cold and never too hot, the weather couldn’t be more ideal and it is very predictable. Clearly, fall is the best season.

Fall begins with a light breeze and eventually as we get later into the season, the wind picks up and it gets a little chiller. But don’t worry, it’s not nearly as bad as the brutal Minnesota winters that we dread every single year. All you need is to grab a light jacket and you are on your way–no need to carry that big winter parka around. Fall is a perfect transition between summer and winter.

Fall is a perfect transition between summer and winter.

— Sophie Ludwig

With perfect weather, comes great fashion choices. They call it sweater weather for a reason! With all the fashion that is trending, you can choose from a soft a cozy sweater with jeans or a nice long sleeve with a vest and scarf and suitable for all and the choices are unlimited.

When I think of fall, I think of all the opportunities there are to get outside and enjoy this weather while it lasts. Jump in a giant leaf pile with your friend or just go on a nice nature walk and enjoy all the amazing colors in the trees. Also, don’t forget to attend an apple orchard or a festival–fall has events and activities for all!

As we head into the end of October, that is when the best part of fall officially starts–Halloween. Halloween is the icing on the cake for fall. Attend a haunted house or trail but, do not forget to bring your friend for back-up.

The best part of fall is drinking that big cup of cider with a blanket wrapped around you. Cozy up next to a fire and enjoy a nice fall movie or Halloween movie of your choosing. You will never be bored in fall but, sadly fall is one of the shortest seasons so enjoy it while it lasts.