Best rappers revealed


Travis Scott, Flickr, Fair Use

Houston rapper Travis Scott continues to produce some of the hottest music year after year.

Nicole Crescini, Staff Writer

Although rap might not be everyone’s favorite type of music, there’s usually at least one song on a playlist. For instance, Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Tory Lanez can always be found on my playlists. Some people might be hesitant to listen to a new type of music, or they might not realize how diverse rap can be. But, all music fans should give rap a chance.

My favorite person to listen to is Post Malone. I don’t think there’s one song that he’s made that I haven’t liked. Most rappers use tons of autotune to make their voice better but Post doesn’t. “Circles,” is the new song by Post Malone and it’s currently at number 1 as of September 10. Post Malone also doesn’t have any songs that sound alike too; some rappers have songs on their albums sound very similar and Post doesn’t. Post Malone can be a good choice for new listeners of rap. Junior Melanie Chang’s favorite song is Bounce Back by Big Sean – She’s proud to say she knows all the lyrics to the song. “Wow” by Post Malone is another favorite song by her, “I like Post Malone and Big Sean because there not straight rap, there is a mix of music style. DNA from Kendric Lamar is also pretty good even though it’s kind of old,” Chang said.

Travis Scott’s music is great for almost every occasion including hanging out with friends, chilling doing homework, working out at the gym, and of course parties. My favorite song from Travis Scott is “Sicko Mode,” like millions of other people in the world, “Sicko Mode” just is the best hands down. For working out, upbeat fun music is best, Travis Scott’s Butterfly Effects album is perfect. Travis’s lyrics are super motivational and inspirational for every occasion. Like Post Malone, Travis Scott is also on the top 20 songs worldwide. For those people that don’t care that much about rap, Travis Scott might not be your best choice.

This past summer was probably was one of the better summers for new music. Panini, by Lil Nas X has been on the charts for weeks and doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. “Goodbye” by Post Malone and Young Thug are also huge songs on the charts. Post Malone has just released his new album called Hollywood’s Bleeding; it has a number of famous guests featured on it: Ozzy Ozborne, Future, SZA, and Swae Lee. The celebrity features on this album make this album more complete and better to listen to with the variety of styles including Rap, Rock and Roll, and EDM.

Even if Rap isn’t your favorite, some songs just have a different style to them which makes them more appealing than others. Who knows, if you listen to it and hear it multiple times you just might seem to like it. Songs By SZA, are more chill and less rap so if you don’t like a song that is just rap SZA would be good for you. I highly recommend giving Post’s new album a try too.

You should listen to rap to gain another perspective in music, rap is like no other genre, it’s more fun and upbeat than any other category and odds are it’ll make you feel good after you hear it.

— Nicole Crescini

According to Billboard website, Post Malones #1 song is “Sunflower.” “Sunflower” has Swae Lee featured in it and has been famously heard on “Into the Spiderverse.” “Sunflower” has spent 47 weeks on the chart. “Rockstar” and “Physco” are also other songs that Post Malone has made and they have spent a number of weeks of the chart, “Rockstar” has been on for 41 and “Physco” been on for 39. Having a single song be on the top of the charts for this long really makes people think about why it has been at the top, if you have never heard the song, I strongly recommend that you give it a try because it’s been glued to the number one spot for months there’s probably a reason for it.

You should listen to rap to gain another perspective in music, rap is like no other genre, it’s more fun and upbeat than any other category and odds are it’ll make you feel good after you hear it.