New resource officer hired


Karlence Rozambert

Officer Ellanson works with students as a resource officer.

Karlence Rozambert, Staff Writer

This year Benilde-St. Margaret’s welcomes a new Resource Officer, Officer Luke Ellanson. Currently working with students as a resource officer at Groves Academy, Torra Torra, and Benilde-St. Margaret’s, Officer Ellanson envisions growing in his faith while within the community here at BSM.

Graduating from Metropolitan University with a teaching degree, Officer Ellanson later attended School Resource Officer School, where he acquired his Law Enforcement Degree. “[Continuing classes and continued training gave me] good insight and resources to help me form a good relationship and partnership with the staff and students here at BSM,” Ellanson said. 

While on duty, Officer Ellanson brings a nonchalant and exuberant personality to BSM’s community. “Laugh, it’s better to laugh than be sad,” Ellanson said. 

Laugh, it’s better to laugh than be sad

— Luke Ellanson

Every day brings a new routine for Officer Ellanson. Although busy with his officer duty and SWAT team training, Officer Ellanson claims his determination and motivation comes from the students in school. “I hope someday down the road, the students here at BSM remember me helping them out with something from just talking and venting to any needs that they bring to my office. I’m just hoping to connect with them with to learn and accomplish,” Ellanon said.

Outside of school, Officer Ellanson’s freshman son gives him his vast amount of his determination and motivation.“He motivates me to keep going and try to stay young and keep up with him,” Ellanson said. 

While serving Benilde-St. Margaret’s school, Officer Ellanson admires the chance to build upon BSM and its community. He plans to contribute to BSM by being there for others when needed. “I’m just happy that the school welcomed me and let me be part of that team,” Ellanson said.

When Officer Ellanson is not on duty, he enjoys his time playing recreational softball with his friends. Much of Officer Ellanson’s time is spent outdoors and at his farmland. “I’m very big on the outdoors…[my farm is] “like a second home,” Ellanson said.