Dr. Skinner chosen for conference in Italy


Nono vlf, Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Dr. Susan Skinner is spending two weeks working on the Lasallian mission just two miles away from the Vatican.

Morgan Anderson, Staff Writer

As of Saturday, October 12, Principal Dr. Susan Skinner headed off to Rome to participate in an international gathering of Lasallian educators. 

Skinner was invited by Brother Larry, a Christian Brother of the Midwest district, to take part in this opportunity. Out of 61 participants from over 31 different countries, Skinner was one of the nine people chosen to be sponsored by the Christian Brothers to create a document and tool kit that will help Lasallians around the world deepen their connection to the Lasallian mission. “I didn’t even know about it before I got the phone call,” Skinner said. 

While Skinner is off in Rome for two weeks, it is definitely not a touristy-vacation. “We have a very packed schedule. Every weekday, we start at 7:30 in the morning and end at 8:30 at night. We’ll have group discussions while creating a document and working on strategies that will help schools all over the world be more connected to their charisms and Catholic identities,” Skinner said. 

Although Skinner doesn’t know anybody else who is on the trip, she is looking forward to the opportunity to meet the other participants. “I am most looking forward to being able to connect with other Lasallians from across the globe,” Skinner said. 

I am most looking forward to being able to connect with other Lasallians from across the globe.

— Susan Skinner

The Saturday and Sunday in between the two weeks are set aside for a little free time. “I’m planning to go to the Vatican museum and St. Peter’s Basilica. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see the pope, as well,” Skinner said. 

It wasn’t random chance that BSM’s Skinner was chosen for this trip. The Christian Brothers of the Midwest district were looking for someone who has had experience with the Lasallian charism and was willing to do the work required, all while agreeing to continue to stay connected with the Christian Brothers. “I had to do some homework. There was a lot of reading from different documents that had to be completed before the trip,” Skinner said. 

With the participants coming from across the globe, including countries such as Argentina, Belgium, Vietnam, Rwanda, Madagascar, Kenya, France, and Ireland, participants will wear earbuds that can automatically translate into their native language. “The languages that will be translated include English, Spanish, and French,” Skinner said. 

The experience of this special trip will enable BSM to strengthen its Catholic identity as a school. “BSM is always looking for ways to ensure its Catholic fidelity. It will provide us with ways for our faculty and staff to connect with the values of the school,” Skinner said. 

Although the BSM community will surely miss Skinner when she is away on her trip, anyone is able to stay connected through Skinner’s blog. “I’m hoping to blog every day and post some pictures. It will be available for everyone to see,” Skinner said.