BSM’s Natalie Ramier wins CFO of the year

Natalie Ramier excited for her new honor.

Courtesy of BSM Marketing

Natalie Ramier excited for her new honor.

Morgan Anderson, Staff Writer

BSM is proud to announce Ms. Natalie Ramier as an honoree for nonprofit CFO of the Year through the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. 

Before BSM, Ramier worked in corporate finance. “I really enjoyed [my past job experiences] but I didn’t feel like I was contributing to a community as much as I do here. It’s pretty amazing to get an honor like this in a space where I feel like I’m helping the BSM community to the best of my ability,” Ramier said.

As Chief Financial Officer, Ramier manages all of the facilities, the back office technology, human resources, and everything in regards to finances at BSM. For example, Ramier was responsible for making sure the new atrium and science classrooms were up and running, coordinating five year financial and facility plans, cutting all the checks, completing the payroll for the staff, helping department owners with their budgets, and managing benefits for employees. “On a daily basis, I’m responsible for making sure my portions of the strategic plan are being implemented,” Ramier said. 

On a daily basis, I’m responsible for making sure my portions of the strategic plan are being implemented

— Natalie Ramier

Recently, Ramier has worked with other school administrators to gain financial control of the land on which BSM currently sits. Now that BSM owns its land, it is in control of all of its assets, giving BSM a position of strength when working with banks and lenders. “BSM, Totino-Grace, and DeLasalle all rented land from the Archdiocese. When bankruptcy of the Archdiocese was taking place, our land was part of the assets. These three schools had to negotiate––and I had to get it approved by the city of St. Louis Park––to take over the land,” Ramier said. 

Despite the personal recognition, Ramier highlights that the award extends beyond just her. “This award isn’t just about me, but it’s about the people who have helped me and mentored me and our community,” Ramier said.