Upperclassmen boys dance with Knightettes at pepfest


Seamus Foley

Knightettes and upperclassmen boys practice their routine for the pepfest.

Seamus Foley, Staff Writer

For many decades, junior and senior boys have come together with the Knighettes to perform at the Homecoming pepfest. 

Dance team captains senior Liv Schmitz, senior Jada Kosek, and junior Lauren Hawkinson chose boys who expressed interest in performing or boys who they would think would bring energy to the dance. “We want to pick guys who have shown interest and will bring good energy because they will try harder during the dance,” senior Liv Schmitz said. 

Senior Knightettes got a say in selecting the boy with who they would like to perform with. This year, 34 boys have been selected to perform. “There were thirty seniors and four juniors chosen,” Schmitz said. 

The captains choreographed the dance together and created a mashup of songs to go to with the dance. “We created the song and took some recommendations from the boys,” junior Lauren Hawkinson said.

We created the song and took some recommendations from the boys

— Lauren Hawkinson

Effort was constant for all the boys this year during practice.“The boys can be rowdy and hard to control but they bring great effort to practice,” Hawkinson said. Although they work hard, the boys have trouble listening at times. “The boys don’t listen to the girls at all,” Kosek said. Not listening creates one big problem: they fail to learn some the of moves and once they get to perform in front of the school, they mess up. 

For the boys, expectations before the dance were optimistic. “I am hype for this unforgettable moment,” senior William Thompson said. The boys were ready to have fun with the dance and see how funny they will look dancing. “I think it will be really funny seeing all of the boys dance,” senior Joe Marinaro said. It was a massive moment in some of the boys’ lives, with some even think they were destined for this event. “Every moment thus far in my life has led up to this dance,” junior George Wolfe said.