Top 10 Minnesota State Fair foods


Joey Trella

Pronto Pups are dipped in pancake batter to add more flavor, making them a must eat for staff writer Joey Trella.

Joey Trella, Staff Writer

According to the Insider, The Minnesota State Fair is the number one fair in the country. Known for its food, animals, and rides, the “Great Minnesota Get-Together” racks up around 2 million visitors every year. One morning, while watching WCCO News, they shared the top ten bestselling food stands at the State Fair, and quite frankly, I don’t agree with the list. So, this year I went to the fair three times and now I present to you my official top ten best food stands at the Minnesota State Fair.

1. Tom Thumb Mini Donuts

Don’t confuse these donuts with Tiny Tim donuts. Tom Thumb Mini Donuts are my number one pick because of their subtle lemon taste dipped in cinnamon sugar. They’re fresh and the best way to start off your day.

I end all my days at the fair with a nice bucket of cookies to bring home and warm up in the oven.

— Joey Trella

2. Sweet Martha’s Cookies

These cookies have been featured on the Travel Channel and tasted by Andrew Zimmern. Fresh out the oven and overloaded with chocolate chip gooeyness, Sweet Matha’s Cookies make the most sales at the Fair with over 4 million dollars. I end all my days at the fair with a nice bucket of cookies to bring home and warm up in the oven.

3. Fresh French Fries

The best fresh fries to exist due to its overpowering saltiness. Dip them in ketchup and enjoy. I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t like these fries.

4. The Mouth Trap Cheese Curds

Thanks to how popular it is, the Mouth Trap had one of the biggest, but fastest lines, I’ve ever been in. Even though these curds originated in Wisconsin, they have won the “Best Cheese Curds” in Minnesota. Besides, we’re only friends with Wisconsin for their curds.

5. Pronto Pups

If you don’t know the difference between a pronto pup and a corn dog, pronto pups are dipped in pancake batter and a corn dog is dipped in cornmeal batter. The State Fair refers to the pronto pup as “America’s Original Corn Dogs,” because the pancake batter adds more flavor when dipping it with either mustard or ketchup.

6. Foot Long Hot Dog

This isn’t a very popular stand, but to my family and I, it is one of our favorites. With onion, mustard, and ketchup, the Foot Long Hot Dog always reminds me of New York with their hot dog stands there. I highly suggest getting this along with the Fresh French Fries.

7. Dairy Building Ice Cream, Malts, Sundaes

You haven’t actually been to the fair until you stop by the dairy building for their soft-serve ice cream. Best known for their Strawberry Sundaes, the Dairy Building also sculpts peoples’ faces with butter. Even though the building is kind of far from the entrance, I say it is worth the trip.

8. Bacon Fat Bacon

I never thought I would see the day where bacon is on a stick. Glazed in brown sugar and soft but crunchy, Bacon on a Stick makes vegans want to give it a look (I would know because my sister is one).

9. The Corn Roast

Now you definitely aren’t Minnesotan if you don’t like roasted corn on the cob. Roasted to perfection with butter, salt, pepper, and a little spice, the Corn Roast makes it feel like a homecooked meal.

10. Preferred Pickle aka The Perfect Pickle

To my friends reading my review and seeing that I listed pickles when I don’t even like pickles, hear me out. I HAVE ONLY TRIED THEM ONCE. One time was good enough for me to put it on the list. Preferred Pickles serves deep-fried pickles with a side of cream cheese to dip them in. They also have a pickle on a stick because why not?


In the end, the Minnesota State Fair always has new stands each year, but the iconic ones remain standing (pun intended). Each of these items is definitely worth the yearlong wait. I’m excited to go back next year and see what is new to try, but I doubt the new items will beat these favorites.