Newest posthumous album brings XXXTentacion back to life


Xxxtentacion-blue, Wikipedia, Creative Commons

Last summer American rapper XXXTentacion passed away due to a fatal gunshot wound. Now his memory lives on through his music.

Luke Mathwig, Varsity Writer

Last summer American rapper XXXTentacion passed away due to a fatal gunshot wound. Seven months after his death, friends and family members decided to release an album titled Skins. Skins quickly climbed the charts and reached number 1 on the the billboard top 100, which showed fans that his music will still live on as his posthumous albums hit the charts.

Following Skins is an album titled Members Only, Vol. 4, which was chosen to be released by X’s family members, friends, and fellow artists that he has worked with. The album holds 24 songs and within those is 20 different artists, including XXXTentacion. Some of the most popular “songs” are titled: Sauce!, Gassed Up!, Touch Eem Body, and He Diddy!, all of which feature an outside artist.

One song on the album that has made a big impact on listeners is titled Sauce! which was one of the only songs that X was in alone. The song isn’t about anything “deep,” and X says “this is just for fun” which adds a bit of lightheartedness to the rest of the album.

Other songs on the album talk about X’s death, his son, creators he worked with, and gives a glimmer of hope that “Members Only” might make another studio album, with some of X’s old work mixed into songs.

The release of this new album has sparked drama about XXX and has led people to start to questions if he really is dead or not. Groups of people have found “evidence” that XXX is still alive and they are using his 2 post mortem albums as evidence that he is still recording music, but somewhere where no one can find him. X’s family members are angered by these “is he still alive” allegations, and they want his music to be in remembrance of him and not strike up more drama.