Girls’ lax team is making a comeback this season


Senior Sally Calengor playing strong defense to help the Re Knights.

Alexa Field, Staff Writer

After last years season did not leave them with as much success as they had wanted, the BSM girls lacrosse team is back and has high hopes for the 2019 season. The captains: Sally Calengor, Jane Hoyt, Grace Juckniess, and Caroline Pauly have worked hard to make every season a good one but have their eyes set on success for this year.

The team is eager to have a winning record this season and dominate all of their games. “We just had our first day of tryouts [Monday, April 1] and everything worked so well and we all played so well together. I really want to go to state and I think that’s in the back of everyone’s mind. We haven’t done it before so it would be really cool to finally get there,” Pauly said.

The turnout for tryouts was very good. The lacrosse team has always had a large number of students trying out for the team and this year is no different. Tryouts consisted of a lot of running to build stamina and determine a players ability. Scrimmages were included to get the team ready for future games. Lastly, the team ran a lot of drills focusing on attack or defense to further prepare them for games throughout the season. “The best part about tryouts is getting to reunite with all of my old teammates and friends,” Juckniess said.

The best part about tryouts is getting to reunite with all of my old teammates and friends

— Grace Juckniess

Tryouts are also a good time for the girls to begin bonding with their future teammates. Through the physical and emotional stress of the tryouts, the girls are able to connect with each other and help each other through the weeks ahead. The lacrosse team has always been quite the family, having nicknames for each other and many team bonding events in the past.  “The girls on the team are some of the most supporting and accepting people I have ever met. We all have the same goal of outworking teams and dominating during games so, when we get together it’s all about supporting each other and working towards success,” Calengor said.

The team plays a wide range of schools during the season and for this upcoming season, they are playing many new teams. “I’m super excited to see how we play together during the season and we’re playing a lot of teams we haven’t played before like Lakeville South, Blaine, and Holy Angels,” Pauly said.

The first game of the season is at home against Lakeville South on April 12 at 7:00 pm. The team saying for this year is “Rally the Red” and the girls are definitely planning to do that this season. “This season is gonna be great because we’re really focusing on team chemistry and being close. When we’re friends off the field, we’re great teammates on the field. I’m super excited we have an excellent bunch of gals this year,” Hoyt said.