The Indiana Jones franchise finds its way to Netflix

Netflix has added the entire Indiana Jones series to the steaming service, and it’s bringing back childhood memories for many


Screen Shot of Netflix, Harry Madden

The Indiana Jones series continues to entertain viewers across the globe today; now through the Netflix platform.

Zach Zeman, Staff Writer

On January 1, 2019, Netflix added all of the Indiana Jones movies to the very popular streaming website. With this addition, I took a visit back to one of my biggest childhood heroes and went back to relive my life as a child.

Nothing screams classic as much as this series of movies does. The “Indiana Jones Theme” from the famous composer John Williams causes fanatics like me extreme happiness while we get to hear some of the greatest American produced music. It also allows us to watch the many different encounters Jones (Harrison Ford) gets himself into.  

Raiders of the Lost Ark is the first of the four movies. Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas teamed up to make a fantastic film that was first released in 1981. In this movie, we get to see Indiana Jones go on a stealthy mission through Europe to grasp onto a relic that holds the Nazi’s plans for world domination. It was these types of movies that made the name “Indiana Jones” an icon and a hero.

At the beginning of the year, I took the time to rewatch the movies and pick up some of the parts I might’ve missed. This allowed me to gain more information about the plot and other events throughout the movies. It turns out that when you’re a kid, you tend to only care about the fighting scenes and other action parts of the movies. When you take the time to re-watch them, you truly understand the plot and can connect many other parts to the movie.

I like Netflix’s move here. On January 9, 2019, they tweeted: “PSA: All four Indiana Jones movies are now streaming.” This tweet ended up getting thousands of retweets and tens of thousands of likes, proving that the fans love and appreciate the movies Stephen Spielberg produced with Harrison Ford.

These types of movies made the name Indiana Jones an icon and a hero.

— Zach Zeman

Ever since these movies were posted on Netflix, there has been some talk about the fifth movie to the series. Harrison Ford has confirmed that he will be acting as Jones once more, even though he will be 75 years old when the filming of the movie gets underway. With this said, it will most likely be his last time playing Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones 5 is set to release in July of 2021 and with the addition of the four previous films on Netflix, the anticipation and hype of the next movie are just gaining traction.