Dessert Death Match

They are the cornerstone of an enjoyable meal, but which one is best? Today we’ll find out which succulent sweet treat is superior.


Em Paquette

This is a piece of cookie and cream pie held by Senior Alexa Field. Sol thinks that pie is the superior dessert, but his fellow editors disagree, and have their own opinions on the best dessert––hence, why this debate exists (despite the fact that Sol is obviously right). This dessert is provided by Taher, along with many more.

Henry Witterschein – Special K-Bars

Special K-bars, also known as peanut butter rice krispies covered in chocolate, are by the far the most superior dessert. Not only does the incredible chocolatey awesomeness of a Speical K-bar provide an excellent treat after dinner but it is also versatile, because it completely smacks at any time, especially at 1 A.M. Everyone loves the good old fashion combination of peanut butter and chocolate, and Special K-bars take it to a whole new level by adding the crunch of the rice krispies cereal. Although you may need something to drink when you chow one down, they’re still worth it.

Erin Long – Brownies

Brownies are the absolute best. They are rich, fudgey, and downright wonderful. My mouth is already watering. Just imagine a fresh brownie out of the oven––they are warm and ooey and gooey and chocolatey. Yum, yum, yum.

My perfect brownie is wonderfully crisp on the top, soft and super fudgy and chewy in the center, and full of little melty surprises of chocolate chips. Now, don’t worry if you eat the whole pan––it’s worth it. Brownies are by far the best dessert and are perfect for any situation. In addition, there are health benefits to chocolate, which is an added bonus. So, brownies taste delicious and are delicious. I win.

Kayla Farrey – Cake

Cake is my favorite dessert. I will keep this excerpt brief because I know I’m not alone when I say cake is unsurpassed. I don’t need to list out the reasons why cake trumps all desserts, but in this case, I will. Cake comes in a variety of flavors: vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, carrot, funfetti, coconut, etc, so even the pickiest of eaters should be able to find a flavor that excites them. Cakes can be paired with an endless list of toppings or frostings that only accentuate the decadent taste. It is the highlight of every birthday party or family get together (except of course when people blow out the candles with a little too much aggression and the once mint condition cake becomes unsanitary…)  Speaking of parties, cake is always a safe bet.

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Grace Christensen – “Dessert Soup”

Okay, so I know a lot of people are thinking “Does she know what dessert is?” and yes, I do. Essentially, dessert soup is just a fancy name for pudding, but referring to it by its new 2-word name that I invented helps me meet the one-hundred word minimum faster (hacks). 

So, dessert soup. Honestly, I think it’s pretty underwhelming. It’s the kind of mediocre that you’re just sort of like “eh, alright.” If I’m being real, it’s no one’s first choice. Is it as good as brownies? Of course not. But is it better than Earth’s biggest disappointment aka frozen yogurt? No doubt. 

Kailyn Pedersen – Frozen Yogurt

 Frozen Yogurt is, by far, one of the best dessert foods out there. It takes the texture of ice cream and elevates it to a whole new level. The flavors are endless and, the toppings available make the frozen yogurt even more delicious: fruit, chocolate chips, gummy bears, and the iconic boba candies that explode with flavor as soon as you chew them. The dessert, as amazing as it is by itself, is accompanied by the experience of going to the frozen yogurt shop. It transcends from a mere dessert into an entire event, an experience that can be shared with family and friends.

Harry Madden – Ice Cream

Ice cream is, without a doubt, the supreme dessert food. Ice cream is undoubtedly better than all other desserts because it has two uses. Firstly and obviously is the taste. Ice cream comes in countless flavors, ranging from 900-1100 flavors across the globe. Flavors range from simpler like vanilla and chocolate to more unique flavors like raspberry ripple and goat cheese.  Everyone has the ability to find an ice cream flavor that works for them. The second ability of ice cream is being able to physically cool people down on a hot day.  Unlike other desserts, like cookies and cake, people rely on ice cream during hot summer days.

Mary Youngblut – Lava Cakes

Why are lava cakes the best dessert? Is that even a question you have to ask? Let’s break it down. It’s basically a super delicious brownie on the outside. On the inside, they are a gooey, chocolatey mess that pleases all of your taste buds. If you think you aren’t a fan of chocolate, you can try it with vanilla ice cream or a raspberry drizzle. It can truly fit anyone’s needs. They are just fancy enough to make you believe it’s some sort of holiday. Now if you’re wondering where to get this tasty treat, they are a little more difficult to find, but that makes them all the more special.

Sol Doyscher – Pie

You know what I love about pie? I love that it’s the dessert for literally any occasion. At any given moment of the day you could eat pie, and it wouldn’t feel out of place. Morning snack? Pie. Lunch addition? Pie. Best dessert ever? Pie. There’s a reason why apple pie has become synonymous with American culture; it’s delicious and one of humanity’s greatest achievements. Pie is the perfect balance between sweet and organic flavors. Apple, pear, peach, butter pecan, blueberry, raspberry––the list goes on. There is no better moment to have pie than right now. Pie is the perfect conclusion for any meal.