Forensic Science takes science to another level


Mary Youngblut

The forensics class participates in several labs throughout the year, designed to teach them more about the subject hand as well as what goes into criminal investigation. The class is offered only to seniors.

Alexa Field, Staff Writer

When you hear someone mention forensics, you may think about the popular show “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” And though the class does host quite a few days of watching that show, forensics teacher Mr. Bob Lyons works to cover a wide range of topics regarding forensic science and open the students’ eyes to the world of forensics.

Lyons is an avid lover of forensics himself and loves teaching the class. “My favorite part about teaching forensics is I like the fact that you’re combining multiple disciplines of science and putting them all together; it has a little biology in it and some physics as well. It’s interesting and fun, and I have the ability to choose what I want to cover,” Lyons said.

Among many science courses offered at BSM, Forensic Science is one of the most popular. Though it is only offered to seniors, many students look forward to immersing themselves in the wonders of the class. However, other students may wonder what the class is even about? This course focuses on the collection and analysis of crime scene evidence and lab analysis techniques.

The class features a wide range of topics including chromatography, DNA, fingerprints, hair and fibers, impressions, tool marks, glass, handwriting, ballistics, anthropology, soil, sand, and pollen, as stated in the course catalog. These subjects encourage students to be active in their learning and to explore different aspects of science. “I look forward to forensics class every day because we’re always learning something new and interesting, or we’re watching “CSI” which is always fun,” senior Emily Olson said.

I look forward to forensics class every day because we’re always learning something new and interesting, or we’re watching “CSI” which is always fun,

— Emily Olson

The days spent watching the popular TV show “CSI” or student favorite, “Lie to Me”, are days the students love. Students say that watching “CSI” and “Lie to Me” are a fun way for them to watch a good show and learn more about forensic science and techniques used in the real world. “Watching “Lie to Me” is honestly one of my favorite parts of the class not just because it’s us watching TV in class, but it’s actually so interesting,” senior Sydney Ryan said.

The students are currently in the blood unit of the forensics class, and they have learned a wide range of information on how blood is used in forensic science including how it is used in unidentified victim detection, finding the culprit of a crime and more. They have done a multitude of labs involving blood including a lab where the students were able to prick their finger in order to determine their blood type. “The lab was super cool because I didn’t know my blood type was AB- until I did it,” senior Brad Shibley said.

The class is not only a student favorite, but it is also remembered and beloved by Forensic Science alumni. “I had many amazing experiences in forensics, but I especially loved the crime scene. Having the opportunity to apply everything we learned throughout the year into a real live scenario was a very good experience,” Sarah Hansberry ‘18 said.

Forensic Science continues to be a popular class as it has more students yearning to take it every year. So, if you aren’t super interested in physics but love the idea of crime scene investigation and learning your blood type, Forensics is the class for you. “Forensics is one of the most interesting classes I’ve ever taken, and I definitely recommend taking it,” Shibley said.