Smaller class and school sizes benefit students the most

Sophia Ludwig believes that smaller class sizes academically and psychologically benefit students greater than large-sized schools.

Sophia Ludwig, Staff Writer

Transferring from a school of over 1000 students per grade, I can tell you that the size of the school matters. School size can make a big impact on the students’ education and their mental status. A smaller school size, in my opinion, is more beneficial than a larger school.

The first of many reasons why going to a smaller school is better is that students are able to contribute more to the school and their surrounding communities. Students are able to take on more leadership roles, be more committed to helping their community, and can be more involved in after-school curriculum, sports, and clubs. Students can thrive in a small environment where they get lots of attention and this can extra focus can help them give back to the community.  

The size of a school can put a toll on the students especially if it is a very large school and competing for attention from teachers is hard. Having smaller schools allow for smaller class sizes, which gives students more one-on-one attention with their and teachers. Students are able to form stronger relationships with their teachers on a more personal level which then helps their academics and their social growth. Students are able to be open and experience more of an encouraging environment when they form a relationship with their teachers.

Besides the social and academic aspects, there is still a mental component. Mentally it can be very overwhelming going to school with that many students. Having thousands of students in one area sounds mentally draining and exhausting as it is. On top of it, larger class sizes also mean a bigger campus and trying to get through the halls in five minutes would be a nightmare especially if you are a freshman who does not know the school very well. Anxiety could be more prevalent in situations like this.

Along with the relationship with their teachers, students also grow better relationships with their friends or peers.  It has been shown that smaller schools have less bullying and fewer cliques.  And in a smaller school, it’s much easier to get to know each of your classmates on a more personal level. At a larger school, you have less of an opportunity to do so. One of my friends who attended a very large high school realized this was true when she got to her graduation ceremony and had to introduce herself to the person who was sitting next to her, and when she looked around she also realized she did not know half the students in the auditorium. This was quite an eye-opener for her, and also made a big impact on me. It was one of the many reasons, I became aware of how a big school would not work for me.

Smaller schools make space for individuality and uniqueness and provide students with the freedom not to worry about danger – either physical or mental – and that makes it the school for me.