Tussle of the toppings

One of the most important developments in all of mankind’s history––pizza. But, what topping is the best for this delicacy? Our staff shares their toppings of choice.


Em Paquette

Pizzas are one of the most diverse foods. What do you like on yours?

Em Paquette – Cheese

I’m gonna get real with you guys, pizza toppings are the most overrated piece of the perfect pizza puzzle. The main ingredients of a pizza are as follows: dough, sauce, and cheese. A perfect masterpiece. Why ruin that? Toppings can weigh down your pizza, creating unbearable strife between you and your slice. I know this is going to sound cheesy but, cheese pizza is so simple, yet so perfect. Cheese pizza has such a complete and beautifully crafted flavor palate, topped off with the perfect chew. I mean if you wanna go crazy, it also never hurts to try out different cheeses on your piece. I am getting ahead of myself, just one slice at a time. All I am saying is give cheese pizza a chance, it won’t let you down.

Kayla Farrey – Artichokes

First of all, pizza tends to be greasy and processed, so by tossing in a little spark of life, a little ounce of nutrients, a cute green veggie, everyone can feel good about their bad eating choice. Artichokes add a nice texture to the pizza, and complements the cheese quite well. Artichokes convey that enjoyably sour taste, that makes you yearn for another bite. Pizza is all about the ratios: crust thickness to sauce, sauce to cheese, and cheese to… Nope, I was about to say cheese to artichokes but the miraculous thing about artichokes is that a large or small quantity of them doesn’t matter. Artichokes can be a wildcard though depending on the place you order from, so my advice for an optimal experience would be to make sure it is fresh!

Sol Doyscher – Anchovies

Wait, please put down your torches and pitchforks. I know the idea of anchovies may put you off, but I implore you, dear reader, to open your mind to another worldview. Anchovies. Many of you probably shudder at the idea of putting these slimy, salty, bitter fish on your pizza, but think of the health benefits. There’s a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids, healthy unsaturated fats, good amounts of calcium and magnesium, and essential minerals. Plus, pizza could always use a bit more salt. Yes, anchovies have a rancid smell and they barely look appetizing, but cut them some slack. Seafood is already fighting an uphill battle against its more popular poultry and beef cousins. Anchovies are okay. not great, but okay.

Henry Witterschein – Banana Peppers

Pizza is easily one of the most American things out there even though it is not of American origin. People have debated for centuries on what the best topping is, I’m here to end that debate: banana peppers are superior. They are delicious and add some extra kick to the pie. Banana peppers are also a vegetable that has a decent amount of fiber and vitamin C, so you can feel a little healthy while stuffing down a not very nutritious slice of pizza down. Other toppings such as pepperoni and sausage are also good, but banana peppers bring more to the table. If the banana peppers just don’t bring enough spice to the pie you can always try dipping it in hot sauce for some extra zest.

Mary Youngblut – Red Onions

Red onions are great on pizza. While it may be a little weird to order a pizza with just onions, they add a little zest, and a little crunch, to any pizza. They just enhance the experience of pizza in general. They add a little color to your meal and everyone knows the more your plate looks like a rainbow, the happier you’ll be. Red onions will make you weep with joy. They have their own flavor but are able to compliment other ingredients on the pizza as well. “Oh, they’re so good,” Ms. Kari Koshiol said.

Harry Madden – Canadian Bacon

Sure, when you see a pizza with Canadian bacon as a topping it might be a little overwhelming, but I insist that Canadian bacon is the best companion with pizza that exists. The Canadian bacon adds protein and flavor to the pizza, which takes away the dullness of a plain cheese pizza. Aside from the added taste, Canadian bacon make the pizza both look and smell better. Because of this, the pizza doesn’t stink up the room and adds a pleasant scent that’s enjoyable for all.

Matthew McGonigle – The Four Meats

Pizza comes in a variety of different forms but I only like mine one way. Meat, tons of meat! Meat lovers pizza is the greatest form of pizza. The flavor is unparalleled with the combination of several popular meats–pepperoni, sausage, bacon, canadian bacon, pork, hamburger and many others. A solid thick layer of meat on top of a delicious crust with red sauce is truly something to savor, and is incredible. Speaking of sauces, meat goes great with red sauce, white sauce, barbecue, and pretty much any other traditional pizza sauce you can think of. Meat lovers is the best form of pizza hands down. The end!

Grace Christenson – Corn

That’s right. Corn. I bet that got your attention and you’re probably like “Grace, why can’t you be into normal things? Why didn’t you pick a normal topping?” Well, I was going to pick a normal topping but then SOMEBODY had to go and claim literally all four of the most basic pizza toppings (the meats–bacon, pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon) for himself. What is that, McG? You just claimed an entire food group. Don’t you think you could have maybe given up one of those so that I don’t have to vouch for corn as a pizza topping? Selfish. Anyway, corn is not a pizza topping and I can’t pretend that it is.

Erin Long  – Basil

Pizza is good, but basil makes pizza great. Mmmmn. A thin crust with a little bit of sauce, big chunks of mozzarella cheese, and beautiful basil leaves scattered about––my mouth is watering. Basil looks gorgeous and tastes fantastic. It’s simply the best, and it’s a must for any pizza. Also, the classic pizza napoletana has basil on it. So if the founders of pizza have basil on their pizza, I’m pretty sure it’s the right thing to do. So, just do it like Italy and put some basil on your pizza. Trust me. 

Kailyn Pedersen – Pineapple

While pineapple has caused serious debate amongst pizza enthusiasts, I’m here to set the record straight: pineapple was made for pizza. There’s no question that pineapple makes for the perfect mix of savory and sweet; it take the already fan-favorite food to another level. Honestly, I don’t know what the big debate is about; pineapple is a clearly superior topping, and all pizzas should have the delicious fruit. It’s citrusy taste complements cheese and adds pizazz, especially when combined with  a few others. Any pizza with pineapple is a good pizza, and anyone who debates that needs to reevaluate their food choices.