Underclassmen commit to play college hockey

Four underclassman hockey players have already committed to D1 college programs.


Madeline Kurtovich

Sophomore Abby Hancock defending the goal.

Libby Simpson, Staff Writer

McKenzie Rich 

University Of Minnesota Duluth

McKenzie Rich, a freshman at BSM, has verbally committed to the University of Minnesota Duluth. Rich plays forward on the Varsity girls hockey team and plans to work hard to play. Rich choose this school partially for their hockey program but also for their programs for sports medicine which she is interested in. “I’m excited because there are going to be a lot of good girls and it is one of the top 3 schools in college hockey. The head coach is the coach for the junior Olympics so that’s really cool too.” Rich said.

Anna Podein

University of Vermont

Anna Podein, also a sophomore at BSM, has verbally committed to the University of Vermont. Podein plays defense on the Varsity Girls Hockey team. She says she that she picked the school for their psychology program because she wants to go into something like that. “I’m really excited because I really like the coach and I like the atmosphere that they are creating there and it will be really competitive. They are also rebuilding before I get there so it should be a really good year when I’m going in,” Podein said.

Liv Hagg 

Boston University

Olivia Hagg is sophomore at BSM and plays forward on the BSM Girls Hockey team. Hagg has verbally committed to Boston University and will hopefully play in the fall of 2021. She says she is excited to explore the city and the school. “BU [Boston University] is one of the top-ranked universities for academics and it is one of the main reasons I chose it,” Hagg said.  

Abby Hancock 

Brown University

Abby Hancock, who has played hockey for 13 years, and has verbally committed to Brown University to play hockey in the fall of 2021. Hancock is a sophomore here at BSM and she plays defense for the Varsity Girls Hockey team. She is excited to play on a D1 team and gain more of a competitive edge. “If you work hard and you put in the work and you showing on the ice that you can make things happen and you can see it, you will get playing time, ” Hancock said.