Mr. Lyons makes candles as a hobby

Xiomara Guzman


Alice Petty

Lyons uses recycled bottles to make the mold for his candles.

Erin Long, Print Editor-in-Chief

Walking into the room of science teacher Mr. Bob Lyons, it looks like an ordinary classroom; however, if one looks and smells closely, he or she can find some homemade candles. Lyons is a biology teacher, forensics teacher, and basketball coach, but at home, he is an avid candle maker.

Even though his candles look professionally made, Lyons recently found this hobby. “I received a candle as a gift a while back and I said to myself: ‘self I can do that.’ So two summers ago I started tinkering with it,” Lyons said.

The process of making candles can be seen as especially daunting; however, for Lyons, it wasn’t too rigorous and was fairly simple. “I learned to make the candles by trial and error and good ole Youtube and Google,” Lyons said.

In order to make the candles, Lyons just needs to melt the wax. “I buy 100% soy wax and I melt the wax to 85 degrees Celsius, I add the scent and color and then wait for it to cool to 57 degrees Celsius before I pour them. The time it takes to make a candle varies. It usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes from start to finish melting and pouring the wax,” Lyons said.

Lyons buys the majority of his supplies online––including the scents. The candle currently sitting at his desk is cinnamon roll flavored. “Every candle has its own personality. I have enjoyed trying new scents and colors. There are imperfections at times, but I tell myself that makes it authentic and handmade,” Lyons said.

Rather than using a mold or a pre-made container, Lyons uses recycled bottles. “Part of the fun of making the candles is finding unique wine, beer, liquor, and pop bottles. Instead of just throwing the bottles into the recycling, it’s more fun to have it end up as a candle. I have had many interesting moments asking for empty bottles and dumpster diving…the difficulty lies in cutting the bottles without them cracking and sanding the tops so they are smooth,” Lyons said.

If anyone needs a homemade candle, just go to Lyons. “I don’t sell them as a business but I do sell them to people around the Holidays because they make such a nice simple gift,” Lyons said.

For more information email Bob Lyons at [email protected]