Battles begin the season for intramural CBA league

One of the most important sporting events for the BSM community each winter is the intramural basketball league. This season, KE’s Brendan Amaris recaps the events of the CBA each week.


Brendan Amaris

IBA takes place after school in the Haben on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Brendan Amaris, Varsity Writer

Tuesday’s Games:

The CBA season is up and running as 8 teams hit the floor on Tuesday. The Raging Rygregs won in a close one over Shmoney Team who were down by 13 at one point but cut it back to 4 towards the end. Mr. Groess’s C Squad picked up a very easy win because of an automatic forfeit from The VBS Team who didn’t show up week 1. Boujee Gang won fairly comfortably over Sophomore Girls who did play well despite the large point difference between the two sides. The last game of the day was won by Matthew Murnane’s Jazz Cabbage team who beat Jake Branton and his Magenta Half Bars. William Valley’s Big Fellas had a bye this week along with Anna Pohlen’s Kittens. Next week we will have the scores from every game available right here!


Friday’s Games:

Week 2 of CBA consisted of some very close games. The Big Fellas and The Kittens had an intense battle that went down to the wire, William Valley’s boys came out on top securing a 22-21 dub to get their season off to a good start. The Raging Rygregs came out clutch again and barely beat C Squad — with the final score being 13-11. Boujee Gang’s hot start was ended as Aidan Luebke and the Shmony Team won by a comfortable 17-12. Shmony Team couldn’t miss from 3 and that sunk Boujee Gang when they tried to mount a comeback. The Magenta Half Bars won automatically after The VBS Team failed to show up for the second week in a row. Sophomore Girls and Jazz Cabbage both had byes for week 2 but will both be looking for wins when week 3 rolls around.