BSM boys’ swimming ready to get back into the pool


Matt McGonigle

BSM boys’ are ready for the upcoming season and ready for fans to #packthepool.

Kaitlyn McTigue, Sports Editor

This winter, the BSM boys’ swim team will kick off their competitive season. Senior captain Matt McGonigle and junior captain Kevin Hollahan are excited to make it their best season yet.

Captains McGonigle and Hollahan believe the team’s most important goal of the 2018 season is to get as many kids as possible to varsity sections, but also while trying to improve as a team overall. To accomplish these goals, the team will practice Monday through Saturday for two hours, coming ready to work. “We are going to come to practice each day, ready to work hard, support one another, and have fun,” McGonigle said.

Despite the team being smaller than in previous years, the team’s chemistry and close nit friendships are going to be the advantages when facing their competition this year. “When you are swimming for a team and you are all working for a common goal then the swimming is the easy part,” Hollahan said.

When you are swimming for a team and you are all working for a common goal then the swimming is the easy part

— Kevin Hollahan

The team lost some important seniors who contributed to the team last year. “Our team lost Michael Hunter, Graham Noble, who both competed at state last year along with Lorenzo Cerda, who was also a great asset to the team,” McGonigle said.

However, the team has gained a lot of new young talent who is ready to team up with the three upperclassmen. “We have a good group of 8th and 9th graders coming in that have a good swimming background,” McGonigle said.

As the 2018 season approaches, the boys are urgent to get back into the pool. The team is ready to make friendships from last season even stronger and accomplish their goal of going to state. “We are excited to get the season underway and see what we can do. And the whole school should get ready to #packthepool,” McGonigle said.