Sever’s Corn Maze continues to hold its reputation as an amazing corn maze

Sever’s Corn Maze has a fascinating history that many don’t know about and continues to be a great site to visit

Sophie Ludwig, Staff Writer

Sever’s Corn Maze is an annual fall festival held in Shakopee, Minnesota. It is only open for a short period of time during the fall season. It normally opens during the second weekend in September and goes through the last weekend in October.

Sever’s Corn Maze was founded by the married couple Sever and Sharon Peterson. They first had the vision to start a corn maze after they were informed about hedge mazes in Europe in 1997. Sever’s Corn Maze to this day is the second oldest corn maze in the United States and is one of the only corn mazes that is cut by hand.

Each year there is a certain theme for the corn maze. Sever’s will cut the maze to fit the specific theme and this year’s theme is Under the Sea. The maze includes a whale, a shark and a turtle in the maze.

There are 26 letters hidden in the maze and the goal is to find all the hidden letters to keep you on the right path and to find your way out. Don’t worry, there is a staff crew available at all times that can help you in the maze if you need it.

Besides the corn maze, there are plenty of other activities for all ages that you can do while you are there.  Some of the activities include a large petting zoo, a giant corn pit, and a magic show. The petting zoo is an area where you can feed the animals or ride the animals. I, myself, have attended many magic shows throughout the years and they are very enjoyable and fun to take part in. They do a really great job of including the audience in the shows.

If you need a fun fall outing with family and friends I would suggest heading to Shakopee to see Sever’s Corn Maze.