KE staff participates in annual MHSPA conference


Photo courtesy of Mr. Zach Zimney

Knight Errant and Apotheosis won 22 different awards at the conference.

Henry Witterschein, Online Editor in Chief

Last Tuesday, the Knight Errant staff went to the Minnesota High School Press Association (MHSPA) conference at the University of Minnesota. The group of 12 students and three advisors arrived at the conference at 8:30 a.m. and with a record-breaking 500+ other journalists, they listened to a 45-minute presentation on the making of the Lucy Laney series on Kare 11.

The following few hours were divided up between three different panel sessions where each journalist could pick what presentation they wanted to tune in to. At each panel, students learned tips that would help improve their journalistic skills such as new modern designs that attract the reader, and various useful editor tips to control the quality of their paper.

After the panels, all the journalist packed back into the main presentation hall for the award ceremony. The Knight Errant and the Apotheosis combined for 22 awards, highlighted by a 1st place in the Best of Show for the October print issue and taking home the All-State Gold Medallion award for both the online publication and for the KEQ magazine.


List of Awards:


For the convention Best of Show Awards, the Knight Errant (print edition) took 1st, and the KEQ took 3rd. Our website took 3rd in the Website General Excellence category.

For the All-State Awards: The website and KEQ each got gold, and the print edition got a silver.
The individual awards are listed below:
  • 2018 MHSPA Newspaper Sports Story – 5th Place – Braeden Fitzgerald
  • 2018 MHSPA Newspaper Review – 6th Place – Sol Doyscher
  • 2018 MHSPA Newsmagazine Page One Design – 5th Place – Michael Koch
  • 2018 MHSPA Newspaper News Story – 8th Place – Allison Brooks
  • 2018 MHSPA Newsmagazine Feature Story – 6th Place – Kayla Farrey
The national awards are not all posted yet, but so far we have earned a 2017-2018 Gold Medalist rating from CSPA for our entire publication (online and print) and Andrew Cadle is a finalist in the Design of the Year Photo Illustration Category through NSPA.


At the convention, the Apotheosis got silver in the All-State Awards and took 3rd place in the Best of Show competition for literary arts magazines. FYI: Kaia Preus and Nan Onkka are the advisers of this publication.
The individual awards are listed below:
  • Annabelle Bolin – 3rd Place – Art/Illustration
  • Andrew Cadle – 2nd Place – Cover Design
  • Warren Mostrom – 1st Place – Photograph
  • Ellie Mitchell – 2nd Place – Photograph
  • Sam Charles – 1st Place – Poem
  • Elle Dickey – 2nd Place – Poem
  • Brady Solomon – 3rd Place – Short Story
  • Andrew Cadle and Michael Koch – 2nd Place – Spread Design