Students should choose to take AP courses

Even though staff writer Sophia Ludwig has yet to take an AP class, the benefits are obvious.


Maddie Kurtovich

Most AP courses at BSM are characterized by the textbooks students carry to and from class, but despite this workload, they are worth taking.

Sophia Ludwig, Staff Writer

BSM has quite the variety for Advanced Placement or AP classes. An AP class is a course that can earn high school students college credit offered if they take and score highly on an end-of-year optional exam. The exam is scored on a one to five scale, five being the highest someone can receive. Most colleges require students to get at least a three for it to count as credit.

In the class of 2013, approximately 3.2 million students in the United States took at an AP exam. The number of students has continuously increased each year.

When choosing to take an AP class, students should choose a subject that they are best at or enjoy the most. Though these classes are demanding, studies show that those students who take AP courses are more prepared for college because students learn how to cope with stress and manage their time more efficiently.

Another awesome opportunity that AP classes offers the ability to earn a scholarship. Depending on the final exam score and how well a student does in the course, he or she may be eligible to qualify for scholarships, which makes the college experience much cheaper.

Moreover the fact that students who are taking AP classes are possibly earning college credits allows them to graduate from college more quickly. For example, some degrees may take five to six years to complete but since AP students have already gotten credit some generals, this may allow students to graduate in four years.

Though I have never taken an AP course, I still find them very beneficial. After I complete my last course of Spanish this school year, I plan on taking AP Spanish my senior year. I think this course will help guide me into college.

Many students chose not take any AP classes because of the high workload. AP classes do require lots of work, but they are preparing students for college because having a good work ethic helps in the real world and with life skills.

Students should challenge themselves and holding themselves to high standards through taking AP courses. AP classes allow college to be more enjoyable and less stressful not only because students might not be required to take as many college course, but because they will aslo learn how to cope with stress and manage time better. Plus, it is just cool for students to be able to say that they took college-level courses in high school!